Milan Fashion Week! Cividini Presents the Collection Autumn-Winter 2014/2015


Cividini is one of the brands expected on the catwalk for the fourth day of Milan Fashion Week For the next autumn-winter 2014/2015 the woman clothed by the brand will embody the features of the manager still severe, elegant and always a little ‘ attached to the uniform? You just wait.

Cividini is one of the brands participating in the Milan Fashion Week to quell the wait on the next autumn-winter 2014/2015 has focused on an inter seasonal collection (images of the Pre-Fall are easily available online and a couple of these can be found in the mid-post). If the walkway of February 22 will remain true to the style of the brand and will be a continuation of the pre -collection, we also expect this year a fashion show stylish but chastened, austere and masculine shoes as it was for the Fashion Week Winter February 2013.

Milan Fashion Week! Cividini Presents the Collection Autumn-Winter 2014-2015
The trick Cividini pleasure is its clean lines, geometric and very decidedly androgynous, which do not make you feel too the lack of “curves” because they fully respect the type of person who chooses them. The inspiration of the brand is a type of female managers, very masculine, practical, being careful elegance of its currency and that never expires in cloying.

It is no secret that the most popular shades from Cividini are then grays, preferably dark, and in any case declined in all possible shades. In the Pre-Fall that, we must remember, hugs models more “commercial” and not haute couture, check a detail that was not even in the non-winter collection 2013-2014: the long glove Of course, that was skillfully studded Fashion Week to make the outfit even more aggressive, while the Pre-Fall is much more soft and wearable. But this does not mean that this accessory tie the past to the present.

Ergo, it is easy to expect that even for the fashion show on February 22 next maxi glove is ready again to bind the arms of the models. On the tone of the collection we feel instead of not having doubts will still be gray and dark tones to make the masters. But let’s assume that we would like a nice shot of the scene, perhaps with some head in vibrant colors with a high heel or at the foot of the models or maybe both. We just have to wait for the revelations of ever closer Fashion Week because everything is revealed!

Photos Source by Sheena Pinterest

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