Minelli Spring Selection Half-Season Shoes For 2018


Minelli, the French brand Italian sounding, presents its collection of shoes Spring-Summer 2018. Meanwhile sunny days, the editorial of shelookbook you selected four pairs of shoe midseason trendy

We hope the sun comes back quickly; we are already planning on sunny days in the next season.

Instead of thinking too fast and too far and yes, we are only in February…)

Minelli Spring 2015 2016 Our Selection Half-Season Shoes
Minelli Spring 2017 Our Selection Half-Season Shoes

In Italian sounding, Minelli offers us since its creation in 1973, a diverse selection of stylish shoes and always in the air. Thus hunting 10 shoes trends Autumn-Winter 2018 our closet to get shoe midseason.

Minelli was well aware that the weather in 2018 would result in the winter too long to taste the French dreaming of sun, and we provided new models you can almost wear now. Our selection Minelli spring 2018 we start with pairs of boots. Practice, one can associate with a carrot pants ‘ trousers 7/8, jeans, dresses and our course our skirts.

The United metallic trend for 2018 pairs barefoot is no more. Minelli, a crocodile spirit, offers you a pair of black leather boots with a heel chipped wood.

These are priced at 139€. If you prefer a more retro and fresh white boots, Minelli offers you two: the first pair with a polka dot print tone on tone white very discreet at the price of € 139 or the second pair at the same price in plain white leather with metallic gold back for more grunge, Minelli suggest boots black patent leather rising to 149 € in the British style / Doc Martens.

Summer will be warmly rock’n’roll. The Kooples campaign season to come from elsewhere also plays a biker style glamor and rock.

Minelli shopping at mid season
Minelli shopping at mid season

For nightlife, you will probably prefer a pair of shoes. “Out” sneakers in the evening! So we offer a pair of shoes in crocodile emerald Minelli 149 €. If you are not followers of shoes choose wedges.

Minelli offers a very original pair 139 € open “peep toe” and behind the heel. They are designed as offset spartan and hyper-stylish. The editorial ‘ favored black leather but in the same model, you can opt for striped (for the most fanciful of you). They are € 10 more expensive. Here with Minelli you ready for spring 2018…

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