Mineral Makeup Bellapierre with 5 Favorite Proposals


A shelookbook like mineral makeup and organic is not new. So today let’s talk about the Bellapierre cosmetics brand with 5 proposals of the brand that tickles us the most. If you are curious, read the post below!

Bellapierre derives from the Italian word “beautiful” and “Pierre” which is French for stone. The “beautiful rock” in question, needless to say, is mica, the mineral base of each cosmetic brand.

Mineral Makeup

In Italy, these cosmetics are readily available online or in most pharmacies and provided.

The brand offers a variety of offered products with face, eyes, lips, cheeks, skincare and makeup accessories but not being able to talk about all shelookbook has compiled a list of her 5 favorites

01. Compact Mineral Foundation: We put it in the top five for some reason. First, unlike many other funds not compact does not contain talc and the only ingredient is the synthesis of Lauroyl Lysine an amino acid derived from coconut perfectly tolerated by the skin. The second: it has ten different shades to choose from, from the lightest to the darkest Ultra and Ivory Truffle and Double Chocolate Cocoa. In addition, the shades are mixable with each other to find your perfect color. Finally, you want to put the convenience of a compact base compared to a powder-free? There is no comparison.

02. Makeup Base: This product is officially a primer face/eye cream that makes it last longer mineral powders but also has another hidden talent. It can be used to cover facial imperfections such as dark circles and spots on the skin simply by mixing a bit with a little ‘ correction or bottom dusty. The INCI is great, the writing simple (apply with your fingers or with a brush stretches) and the aesthetic perfect matte finish all over the skin that lasts a long time. Another positive side, it has a particularly high cost for the work you do.

03. Lip liner: So you should not worry that drinking a bit ‘ of water drool off face makeup.

04. Get the look kits:

05. Professional brush Sanitizer: It is not a cosmetic for us but for our beautiful mineral makeup brushes.

Photos Source By Facebook – Bellapierre Cosmetics Official

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