Miss France Laury Thilleman Interview Beauty / Form + Physical And Sympathy


Riddle. If I tell you that she is beautiful, that she was Miss France in 2011, which she is today sports journalist you tell me? Laura Thilleman of course! It must be said that we envy her. Between her physical and her sympathy … one can only be a fan! The good news is that we were able to meet her and Laury revealed to us all her best beauty and fitness secrets to be at the top.


What is your beauty routine?

Laury Thilleman:

I remove Makeup every morning with Biotherm Aquasource micellar water and rinse my face with cold water to wake up the skin.

I then moisturize with a serum and a day cream that I mix with a few drops of anti-pollution oil, the Liquid Glow still at Biotherm which gives a shiny side to the face.

What is your essential make-up?

Laury Thilleman:

I have trouble getting out without mascara.
I use “Perversion” from Urban Decay.
Beyond that, to smooth the complexion, I use a powder from Make Up For Ever for a light and covering result.

And finally a touch of lip balm.


What is the best beauty advice we’ve been given?

Laury Thilleman:

When you finish a makeup, you always finish with your eyebrows.
And also make-up makeup morning and evening.
Not only in the evening.

The beauty faux pas that does not pass?

Laury Thilleman:

Make up your mouth AND eyes.
Girls, do not bother to do too much!
You are so beautiful in nature…

Your tips for beautiful hair?

Laury Thilleman:

I let my hair dry in the natural and I use the Sea Spray from Dessange.
I texturize them; knead them to give a wavy effect.

What is your favorite beauty mantra?

Laury Thilleman:

A healthy body in a healthy mind.
It passes through the fuel that is given to her body.

And for that diet plays an essential role.
I do not forbid the deviations, but I rebalance the trend in the stride.
I stay listening to my body.

Your Tips to Keep the Line?

Laury Thilleman:

Food obviously, physical activity too.
20 minutes a day, with abs, working the glutes, squats.
Today we can find everything on the internet, it costs nothing and we feel so much better afterward.

What sports do you practice?

Laury Thilleman:

A lot of surfing when I can, otherwise I’m very jogging, workout, TRX, boxing: I try to vary the pleasures to avoid getting bored.
It is necessary to leave its zone of comfort as often as possible so that the results can be seen.

Guru fitness that you’re on social networks?

Laury Thilleman:

I’m very connected, it’s true but on the sports aspect, I have my own method whether it’s in food or sports so I trust.

What activities to combine pleasure and form?

Laury Thilleman:

There are a lot of activities that exist and are based on recreation.
There is the trampoline for example that muscles, same for the pole dance …
One exits from her daily life, one gets pleasure without hurting!

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