Mix Map Comfortable And Stylish With Short Skirts Empty


Comfortable, fashionable and simple are the advantages of plain dress for spring / summer this year. In hot weather mixed a little cool breeze and moisture of spring, maybe the dress would be great suggestions for her dance track, feminine.

However, there are too many choices are laid out in front of her: Pinafore dress, Dirndl dress or skirt Flapper? In fact, the most perfect dress in time this is mere skirt – items bring the breath of the spring / summer 2013 as well as the classic and adorable hard to refuse. This dress will bring you comfort as well as feminine, while simplifying your style so many times.

In particular, the mere dress appeared flooded across the stage in 4 fashion weeks around the world as the most obvious evidence that this item is one of the major trends in the spring / summer. So, you know how to “discover” the full beauty of the dress plain? Let’s eyeball through the following few suggestions from Kenh14!

Mix Map Comfortable And Stylish With Short Skirts Empty

Plain dresses can simplify your style several times. To avoid looking too monotonous, choose your own dress patterns stand out, especially colorful flower motifs. Just add a pair of Lita boots and trendy cat eye glasses you look incredibly stylish with minimalist two-tone “on-trend” black and white. Covering a plain white dress and high heels, holding a black clutch to create maximum effect of the contrast color to highlight the dress.

For she was not confident in her legs, mixing plain dress with skinny pants or leggings is not bad. However in hot weather this really is not effective option.

Capital plain dress was very simple, so you need to have specific accents, especially the accessories and dress colors. Should choose the colors characteristic of the Spring / Summer as pink, red, yellow … and update the latest accessories trends, typically fold-over clutch. More leisurely personality traits for plain dresses floral magic with the item “aggressive” as snapback hats, sneakers bread … black cardboard.

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Or with dress motifs cool colors, white cardboard accessories have been the chemistry to improve the overall fashion dress. Quick update of the hot trends with plain striped black-and-white dress and go with oxford shoes and socks hung black ton-sur-ton grams.

Spring / Summer 2013, checkerboard patterns are being “promoted” by powerful celebrities. Be quick to find a plain dress with this pattern and “mix-and-match” with high-heeled sandals – all mezzanine extreme “cool”. Naughty” with empty skirts in fun, mix the same pair of studded smoking Slipper and all mezzanine. Playful strokes will be more stressed if you mix with a snapback hat again!

In addition, a combination of extremely effective way is to use the jacket with plain skirt. Of course, the current weather the use of this item style “contingency jacket” would be more appropriate. For example, select a dusty denim jacket shirt skirt to contingency jacket outside empty colorful patterns…

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Add personality and “rebellion” with a wool beanie hat or a black blazer jacket with high heels dotted cardboard, metallic clutch will help empty dress “Hoe flower wolf” mingle with the atmosphere of partying.

If you prefer casual style with strange accents, try a simple plain plaid skirts, mix with denim jacket and metallic accessories such as clutch, shoes … In addition to the plain skirt usual airy cotton, lace material very well with air spring / summer. In particular, a white lace dress will add personality if accompanied with military jacket and fedora hat.

Apply the mode of “white-on-white” empty skirt with white lace and white blazer, accompanied by a pair of high-heeled shoes pastel tones is that you’ve got an outfit Spring / Summer extremely trendy, stylish. Or mix military coat with a plain dress floral vivid flowers. The contrast of shades between two items will make the overall outfit very-eyes. The stylish she can turn her into the center of the dinner with a plain dress unique geometric patterns, jacket swimming jacket and click to add a metallic clutch.

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