4 Moisturizing Ingredients That You Must Now Incorporate Into Your Hair Care Routine


What is Monoi Oil or Keratin? And what exactly does it do to your hair? (Spoiler: They transform straw-like strands into a supple splendor.) In this little “wow-hair” lexicon, we explain four still rather unknown active ingredients that are necessary for a beautiful dream mane.

H like Rosehip Seed oil

Rosehip Seed oil

The oil extracted from the rosehip is a real beauty all-round talent. You can use it for facial care, add it to your body cream, do a cuticle treatment with it … or use the oil as an intensive application for your hair.

Rosehip kernel oil contains a lot of valuable vitamin E, which gives your hair moisture and thus protects it from drying out.

However, make sure that it is 100% pure, cold-pressed, and organic-certified rosehip seed oil. This is the only way to benefit from an extraordinary care effect. The more intense the orange of the oil looks, the higher the quality of the product.

Depending on the length of your hair, apply approximately five to ten drops of the oil from the roots to the tips. As an additional care boost, you can also gently massage the rosehip seed oil into your scalp. It is best to leave this rosehip treatment on overnight and look forward to wonderfully buttery hair after rinsing.

K Like Keratin

K Like Keratin will look healthy and silky shiny.

The inner structure of your hair consists essentially of keratin. This is a protein that is responsible for keeping your hair beautifully elastic and resistant. If the structure of these proteins is intact, your hair will look healthy and silky shiny.

Various influences such as flat irons, sunlight, salt water, bleaching or improper care can break up the keratin, which will result in gaps in the keratin structure.

The Result: your hair looks brittle.

Fortunately, you can add keratin to your hair from the outside with a keratin treatment at the hairdresser. But it is also easier and cheaper, with high-quality care products that you can use at home.

Shampoos, conditioners, and cures that contain keratin can support the regeneration of damaged hair. They help to close the gaps in the hair structure. The hair looks smooth and healthy again.

There is a lot of important keratin in the new hydrate & recharge care from John Frieda . The line consists of perfectly coordinated products that work well together in their mode of action.

All three products – hydrate & recharge shampoo, conditioner, and masque – contain keratin and thereby repair brittle hair. The effect that you can then see is that your dry, brittle strands are transformed into silky hair with momentum. Brilliant!

Silky shimmering and full dream hair … finally a reality!

M like Monoi Oil

Monoi oil is still relatively unknown in the local beauty world, but it works wonders for skin and hair. It comes from French Polynesia, where women have long used it as a traditional, natural beauty product.

Monoi Oil From French Polynesia, Natural Beauty Product

The moisturizing flowers are mixed with pure coconut oil in a complex manufacturing process. Applied to the skin and hair, it protects against moisture loss and ensures suppleness.

You can use the pure Monoi oil and apply it to the face, body and hair or add it to your creams and tinctures. In addition, there are now some exquisite products that contain the oil, e.g. B. the Hydrate & Recharge collection. The nutrient-rich drops penetrate your hair deeply and give them an extra dose of moisture from the inside.

Especially if you suffer from broken hair and/or split ends, you will notice a significant difference after a while. Your hair grows stronger and more resilient, feels softer, and looks nourished and healthier. And not to be scoffed at: they smell nice and exotic – like after a Tahiti vacation!

R for Rosemary

Do you suffer from hair loss and irritated dry, flaky scalp? Then the dark green leaves of rosemary are your salvation! Thanks to rosemary, you can support your hair growth in a natural way.

Rosemary Support your Hair Growth

The medicinal plant strengthens your hair by balancing your scalp. After all, it all starts there. Rosemary is anti-inflammatory and soothes your scalp. He also moisturizes her so that dandruff can be prevented.

You can integrate rosemary into your hair care routine in various ways, e.g. B. by simmering a few sprigs of rosemary in a liter of water for about 20 minutes, then removing the sprigs and waiting for the water to cool.

Your homemade rosemary rinse is ready! You can also easily add a few drops of rosemary essential oil to your shampoo or hair mask for an extra care boost.

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