Monster High Costume For Kid Yourself at Halloween – Ideas For 7 Of The Most Popular Characters


A true hit among preschool and elementary school children in the series Monster High, which is inspired by horror films and novels. To slip into a colorful Monster High costume for kids at Halloween or this year’s carnival time is certainly the dream of every girl.

Let your daughter choose her favorite characters from the cartoon series and create together a unique costume disguise that will astonish and perhaps even frighten everyone present.

Here are great inspiring ideas for the costumes of Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Catty Noir, Cleo de Nile, Lagoona Blue, and Skelita Calaveras.

The Monster High is a monster school that is visited by children of monsters. In the special high school, the children learn different life lessons and acquire useful knowledge. The storyline revolves around school life, friendships, and quarrels, as well as various exciting events that monster students can experience together.

Take the most popular movie characters under the wheel!

Frankie Stein Monster High Costume For Child

The “newcomer” to Monster High is Frankie Stein. She was created in her father’s lab and is 15 days old. She radiates a special energy, which makes her look more alive than other monster students. By nature, she is curious and shows enthusiasm for everything that life holds for her.Monster High Costume Child Frankie Stone Shirt Tie Checkered Wig Stitching

Together with their monster friend Draculaura, they have gone in search of other monsters. Their goal was to found a school where everyone is welcome. Both became presidents of the student body. Frankie Stein is friendly and a bit clumsy.

Frankie Stone Costume Child Girl Tutu Black Blue Tie Stitching
Frankie Stein Monster High Costumes Make Themselves With Wig Tie

Frankie first stands out with her black hair with white strands. She is wearing her pony with a hair clip tied behind her. A black wig that you work with a white spray will serve you well for this transformation. It has a light mint green skin color that you can achieve with the right face color in no time.

If you want to look as similar as possible to the original character, you need colored contact lenses in green and blue. Frankie Stein consists of body parts of different people, which is why she has a green and a blue eye.

Another feature of Frankie, which should not be missed in the Monster High costume for children, is the seams that the monster has over the right cheek, around the neck, and at the joints. On the side of her neck, she also has two bolts. These can be made of foam, glued to a transparent material and tied around the neck.

Frankie Stone Disguise Yourself Make Skirt Vest Arm Warmers Wig

As for the disguise, you can create the Monster High costume for girls in the typical schoolgirl look. A white shirt, a plaid black and white skirt, tie and waistcoat, tights and the classic Mary Jane shoes are undoubtedly the perfect basis for the Frankie Costume Monster High.

Monster High Costume Draculaura

Draculaura, also called Lala or Dracu by her friends, is the vampire daughter of Count Dracula. She is 1599 years old and is a vegan vampire. She does not drink blood or eat meat. The word “blood” does not even spell it out. Draculaura is friendly and curious. However, she is easily distracted and sometimes exchanges information, which sometimes causes her difficulties. Lala is romantic and always looking for the perfect relationship. Draculaura’s best friends are Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein.

Monster High Costumes Draculaura Girl White Tutu Vest Magenta Black
Draculaura Clawdeen Wolf Monster High Costumes With Wig Halloween Party Decoration

To make your child look just like the sweet Draculaura, you need a pale pink complexion, as well as a wig with dark hair and pink strands. Draculaura has a heart-shaped, pink birthmark under her left eye. Pointed ears and vampire teeth distinguish them from the other monsters. Even when running in high heels, Dracu is the smallest in the Monster High clique. A good reason why this scary-beautiful pink Monster High costume is an excellent choice for a child’s party disguise.

If you want to imitate Draculaura’s gorgeous outfit, you should wear black garments and add light pink accents. Remarkable and playful vintage goth-style clothes, such as lace skirt, high-necked shirts or a ruffled blouse make the perfect Halloween Monster High costume.

Accents in pink and magenta are a welcome addition here. Her pet, the bat Count Fabulous, also dresses Dracu in pink, fluffy clothes. The monster student Draculaura wears knee-high heels with laces. Your child can wear comfortable black laced boots, which they add together with some pink accents.

An important accessory to the Monster High Costume Draculaura is the black and pink umbrella. The little vampire may not go into the direct sun and likes to hide from the strong sun rays under the umbrella. Get an old black umbrella and put some strips of pink spray paint on it. So that your child looks deceptively real like the Lala, it only has to smile and laugh as much as possible.

Make Monster High Costumes for Kids – Clawdeen Wolf

Her daughter will also cause a sensation as the fashion-conscious werewolf Clawdeen at the upcoming costume party and undoubtedly be the star of the evening. Clawdeen comes from a huge family and has many siblings who all visit Monster High. Although she is quite intimidating, she can be a true friend.

Clawdeen also has a pet called Crescent – a purple cat. The confident fashionista has brown hair and fur. The curly hair she usually wears open but likes to experiment with different hairstyles.

Her eyes are yellow golden to hazel.

She has pointed ears with gold earrings. For the homemade Clawdeen Wolf Monster High costume for a child, you need purple and black garments. You can combine a black or purple skirt with a top with leopard print or zebra print.

Monster High Costumes Make Clawdeen Wolf Purple Pink Black
Monster High Costume Party Disguise Girl Purple Black Tulle Boots

A wide belt also fits perfectly with the Clawdeens costume. A fashionable jacket with fur trim completes the outfit. Create your own fashionable look in the colors pink, purple, black, with everything that is found in the wardrobe.

Monster High Costume Catty Noir

She likes cheese-fried chips and is a famous pop star at Monster High School. The value cat Catty Noir likes to wear pink. She has long pink hair and unique light pink eyes. To imitate Catty’s appearance, you can make up your child with silver and pink.

Monster High Costumes Ideas For Party Dress Girl Frankie Stein Catty Noir

For the Catty Noir costume, you can combine a glittering pink skirt with a black top with silver accents. The monster student wears silver boots. Her identifying feature is the number 13, which is shown on her dress. Unlike the other monsters, Catty does not have a pet because she’s always on tour and is constantly busy with her pop career.

Monster High Costume Catty Noir Dress Silver Pink Ears Earrings Boots
Monster High Costume Catty Noir Girl Accessories Wig Make Up

Ideas For Monster High Costumes For Kids – Cleo De Nile

Does your child perhaps like to be dressed as Cleo de Nile, drive his monsters? Cleo De Nile is the leader of the cheerleader group at Monster High. She is nice, thoughtful and caring, but sometimes behaves arrogant, selfish and even mean. She is afraid of the dark and annoyed if disobeyed. As a pet, she owns an Egyptian cobra named Hissette. As an accessory to the Cleo de Nile Monster High costume, your child can wear a rubber band that will scare the other.

girl monster high costume Cleo de Nile blue tulle mummy wrap optics
Cleo De Nile Monster High Costume Child Make Wig Accessories

That the favorite color of Cleo Gold is, you can not overlook its appearance. The monster Cleo de Nile has long black hair with brown highlights and golden highlights. On her head she wears the fancy headdress, She has smooth and flawless skin.

The monster mummy has blue eyes and a crystal birthmark under her right eye. For this costume Monster High, you need a blue tip, which you wrap around the upper body in a Y-shape.

Cleo wears mummy wrap leggings in yellow. If you want, you can wrap a wide, yellow ribbon around your child’s legs to imitate the signature leggings. You can also use the same method to make the arm warmers. Roman sandals complete the outfit. In addition to the golden headdress, you need a golden belt, a bracelet and earrings for this Monster High costume for the child.

Monster High Lagoona Blue Costume

Your child can also slip into a homemade Lagoona Blue costume for Halloween or Carnival. Lagoona Blue is friendly and casual, and a true environmentalist. Fish, frogs and many other water creatures she finds particularly likable.

Lagoona has a pink piranha called Neptune, which she always carries with her in a fishbowl handbag. Lagoona Blue is the daughter of a sea monster and loves to be in the water. Her whole body is covered with blue scales. She has fins on her forearms and legs.

Make Lagoona Blue Halloween Costume Monster High Yourself

Blue freckles cover her cheeks. Lagoona has curly blond hair with blue highlights.

To make your child look like Lagoona Blue, you can put together a Monster High costume in a black tank top and a pink tank top with scales and black shorts. The pink tank top is worn over the black. A short black jacket with petrol-colored accents is also worn by Lagoona. White or light blue tights are also part of her outfit.

Make four light blue fins for forearms and lower legs and two for the head of paper or sew them out of a smooth and sparkling fabric. A pink flower in the hair and a golden necklace with seahorses complete the great party disguise.

Skeleton Calaveras

Does your child like it when his face is painted? If it likes to tell stories and spend time with the family, then it has something in common with Skelita Calaveras’ favorite pastimes. The daughter of Los Skeleton is 15 years old.Skelita Calaveras Monster High Costume Kid Yourself

As a pet, she has a butterfly. Skelita has long black hair with red-orange highlights. Since her entire body is just a skeleton, her complexion is completely white. This characteristic feature can be achieved with the white complexion. As far as make-up is concerned, you can surround your child’s eyes with black dots. A sugar skull makeup is an excellent choice for this Monster High character.

For the costume for carnival or Halloween, you need a black top with gray patterns. A colorful tutu or a lace skirt with black ornaments complete the Skelita outfit. Skelita’s accessories include a gold bracelet and a gold belt. The Monster High student wears a heavy orange jewelry around her neck.Monster High Costumes For Kid Self Make Skelita Calaveras Makeup

Skeletina Calavaras appreciates the traditions but also attaches great importance to individuality. This setting results in her style of fashion. She likes to combine modern and traditional elements in her clothing, thus creating her own eerily beautiful fashion style.

You are welcome to follow their example and create an individual Monster High costume that will draw everyone’s attention.

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