More Confident With Chunky Heels

More Confident With Chunky Heels
More Confident With Chunky Heels

Chunky Heels is back! These shoes may not be the favorite item in your shoe closet. Although the name is less popular thick and chunky high heels that was popular when The Spice Girls became an artist of her time.

With some modifications this shoe back into the trend. Yes, chunky heel has now ventured back into the world plunge fashion especially in the summer.

In 1990, wedge, platform and chunky heel are a new form of the trend in 1970 by adding a cute metal and glamor in every shoe. At that time that’s most like a fashion trend.

Now, in 2011/2012/2013 chunky heel shoes for women are made differently with their beauty and also practical material.

To overcome confusion in use here are tips that can be used to wear chunky heel that looks stunning and more confident.More Confident With Chunky Heels -2

Selecting the best design

As an example of the best designers of the model is a chunky heel Aldo Shoes and Jessica Simpson Collection. Both have enough stock of chunky wedges and platforms to satisfy the shoe enthusiast and despite the neutral color is always popular and fashionable for shoes this season both these designers prefer bold colors added to the mixture as it offers a neutral rather than dark colors. So for those who love the color in the color neutral or basic dark could try to use a chunky heel this season.

How to appear confident

For best performance try to try to wear chunky heel with the casual look. Heel is designed with bold you better not try to make clothes that you choose too flashy and let the chunky heel to appear more dominant.

But if you buy a neutral colored heel and tan, you just can feel free to wear brightly colored clothing. That way you will look stunning with chunky heel adorn your feet.

However, if you choose to wear a wedge or chunky heel that is more colorful make sure to match the whole outfit with the pants neutral or white tops.

When two trends merge into one then it will be very brave. As well as combining crochet fashion and wedge or chunky heel.

Only noteworthy as they had done before that if you have selected wedge or chunky heel that is light be sure to crochet fashion that you choose does not have as sharp color wedge or chunky heel her.

Some also suggested using a girly outfit like skinny jeans and a stripped shirt. Can also add a blazer and a bag like Ted Baker or it could be for the sporty theme can also use leggings, oversized t-shirt and leather jacket.

On the other hand, can also use this in a chunky heel evening events, such as hot pink colored dress and some chunky jewelry and a clutch bag. Hopefully these tips useful for increasing the confidence in wearing chunky heel!More Confident With Chunky Heels -3 More Confident With Chunky Heels

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