Morpho Dresses: 15 Dresses For Round Silhouettes


Harmonious: this is the adjective that suits your silhouette best! You are round and you would like to finally find a dress that really suits you. A dress in which you feel comfortable and that would enhance your curves. we select for you 15 dresses big size resolutely tendencies, perfectly adapted to the pretty forms. Follow the guide…

You doubt it often and yet, it is the adjective that best suits your round silhouette: harmony!

Your curves are evenly distributed throughout your body. Most often, you have a small belly, round buttocks, and broad shoulders. Your size is not very marked.

If you had to compare yourself morphologically to a people, it could be Liv Tyler. Admit that there is worse!

And to sublimate your body, we offer a selection of the most beautiful dresses for the rounds. She is not beautiful, life?

What dress style to adopt for round women?

Not easy to find the ideal dress without falling into the big size dresses that are not very good for the line.

For your morphology called “round”, as for any type of silhouette, there is no question of adopting any dress, even if it is a basic little black dress: when some cuts will not enhance your figure, others, on the contrary, will sublimate your pretty feminine curves.

But it’s an art to find the pearl of perfect evening outfits …

To do this, the ultimate fashion advice to know how to dress when one is round: do not try to camouflage what you think is a defect. On the contrary, put your assets in value. Be proud of your pretty shapes!

The dresses for the rounds that go to you
  • V neckline dresses, which emphasize your generous bust and slim your figure.
  • The so-called “butterfly” sleeves, ideal for structuring the silhouette by drawing a flexible and fluid shape.
  • The shirt dresses ample provided that surround the mark for the size.
  • The draped cups, which fit best to your silhouette.
  • Straight dresses, trapeze dresses, and fitted dresses. These forms are for you! They balance the round silhouettes with harmony.
Dresses that are best avoided when you’re round
  • The dresses too short: prefer a length to the knee to lengthen the leg. The must: you climb on shoes with heels to further boost your silhouette.
  • The very tight dresses.
  • Dresses with ultra-thin fabric (unlined silk, very fine cotton …) that have the unfortunate tendency to reveal that cellulite sometimes a little inlaid, which buttocks on which you do not especially want to attract the Warning.

To complete your evening dress, you can accessorize it with a large XXL bag and colorful oversized earrings.



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