Multi-Active Day & Night Clarins Beauty Secret of Stressed Thirties


In the late twenties, the conclusion is clear: the complexion is scrambled, dug dark circles, wrinkles begin to appear. For stressed urban, it’s even worse, since the pollution and stress accentuate skin aging. The solution? Multi-Active Day & Night duo of Clarins care dedicated to pressed thirties.

Multi-Active Day & Night, an ultra-powerful duo for stressed urban
Multi-Active Day & Night, an ultra-powerful duo for stressed urban

Some streaks on the forehead, the facial that relaxes, dull complexion … Among urban thirties, the first signs of aging tend to hit earlier. Pollution, lack of sleep and stress are the main causes of this phenomenon. For these skins that undergo a frantic pace and sorely lacking luster, Clarins has developed a high-performance care duo: Multi-Active

Day & Night.

Leading technology

For the first time, Clarins Laboratories have used in these treatments leading technology inspired by the latest scientific advances: the Cell Targeting System. At the heart of these new generation capsules, a plant extract overkill teasel, with antioxidant and conditioner, will act as an energy right in the middle of the skin.

Myrothamnus and poppy, magic plants

The day care enriched Myrothamnus, a South African plant that can survive long without water helps absorb damage daily stress peaks. Result: the skin is smoother, more toned and visibly more radiant. Goodbye gray complexion and hollowed features!

The other half of this duo, Multi-Active Night helps skin recover from the day. The poppy extract compensates both late sunsets and nighttime awakenings to restore the complexion freshness that is supposed to have in the morning. Or the happiness of finding a rested face and rebounded in the morning in the mirror …

Multi-Active Day (available in versions: Cream for All Skin Jelly Normal to Combination Skin, Dry Skin Cream and Fluid SPF 15 All skin), 64 €.

Multi-Active Night (available in versions Cream Normal to Combination Skin and Cream Normal to Dry), 69 €.

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