How To Save On My Wedding Invitation? Best Invitation Cards Tutorials

The preparations for the wedding entail many expenses, you realize that your budget will be very tight and difficult to respect. Choose to reduce some fees! We deliver tips for saving money on your wedding invitation.

How To Save My Wedding Invitation

Make Your Own Announcements For Your Wedding

One of the best ways to reduce the budget is to make your own announcements.

The current trend is in “does it yourself“, so it’s ideal! There are many tutorials on the web to make his invitations cheaply.

Do not panic if you are not manual and creative: you will find guides for all profiles, from the most novices to the most experienced. To also reduce costs, you can print your announcements yourself. If you do not have a printer, find out about printer prices near you. Compare the prices, and play the competition!

The confirmation reply coupon is not required, so exclude it from your invitation cards… Once your announcements are completely made, hand them in hand (or directly in the mailboxes) as much as possible. A priori, you can not do it for all your guests, but you make an incredible saving on stamps and envelopes.

Discover besides wedding invitation ideas here.

For Your Wedding Invitation, Consider Electronic Invitations

You can replace traditional cardboard announcements with electronic invitations. Even if this step is not yet entered in the customs, it begins to become democratized.

If you do not have a graphic designer among your loved ones, you can pay the services of a specialized company for graphic design, and so have an animated wedding invitation.

Another tip is to make a blog dedicated to your wedding. It’s simple, free and convenient for your friends to refer to an answer you!

In both cases, you will save on printing costs and stamps. Your guests will welcome your economic and ecological concept! Plan some paper copies for grandparents and elders!

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