My Wishlist Make Up For Spring Season 2015 2016


Make up for spring season seen what their closets or cosmetic bags this spring want to enrich Variola, Baby Doll, EWB, Cat’s Eye and Tamafista. Their inspiring articles prompted me to write one her. Now you can see my wish list for my favorite time of year.

My Wish List Make Up For Spring Season


Make up for spring season

Cosmetic products of course, have the most though we’re a makeup artist, right? So on my list found a handful of products for the lips. Because of recommendations from one woman I will soon buy Catrice lip liner in shades of Very Berry. I do not have any product for lips in shades of berry which is really weird because I like the color terribly. I know that such nuances ruled this fall and how slowly but coming out “of fashion” but I still want to wear this spring (even at the cost to me fashion cat somewhere saw and began furiously pulling hair). We gradually explore and muzzle organic cosmetics so I came up to Figs & Rouge 100% organic lip balm. On the Internet I read only good things about this product and the packaging was wonderful. Only a matter of time before this little one to sleep on my nightstand. Follow Max Factor Color Elixir Lipstick in shades Bewitched Coral The reason? When I last week swatch some lipsticks from this line in DM, I’ve easily wiped away with a tissue except this. Amazingly, my shade was even more beautiful when the left hand only stain. I want it!

My Wishlist Make Up For Spring Season

Avene Gentle Cleanser Cleansing Gel for a long time I want to try. Yet it was a long time ago Lisa Eldridge in his video about your favorite skin care products praised. Additionally, I am constantly in search of the perfect cleanser oily and sensitive skin that is not enjoyed and tighten. Somehow I get the feeling that this is just the gel. Golden Rose Extreme Sparkle Eyeliner turquoise colors I’d like to wear on their eyelids. I love sequins showers and I think this would be very nice emphasized my brown eyes. I do not even want to mention GR lipsticks when I started this list would not be the end. Max Factor eyeliner in shades Natural Glaze is one of those must have products for Real beauty. Like because the beige or skin color. I think these shades look much more natural and beautiful on waterline of screaming white pen. The last product in the picture is Paula’s Choice Shine Stopper, Matifying creams that can serve as a primer for oily skin. I’d love to try this little wonder, especially since the Internet find only positive reviews.

Make up for spring season

Another product for lips Revlon Lip Butter which recently praised all possible beauty bloggers and vlogerice. I think that these lipsticks balms perfect for spring gentle on the lips, simply, fun and colorful moisturizing lips … as if both spring.

Make up for spring season

I said quietly? These lipsticks and glosses it certainly did not (well maybe the second exception), but to me they are still perfect and all of them I like annoying child in line for the cash register biting mother’s arm to obtain Kinder egg. The first is Lime Crime Carousel Gloss in shade Cherry on Top. Beautiful pink-red color, I think it will get along well with my pale complexion. Follow NYX lipstick in shades of India (swatch above right), offering the perfect lipstick for a long time as I wanted. I love the peach shades, and just such in this rose dominate. Down the left you can see the MAC lipstick in shades Force of Love. Neon peachy pink shade will not leave anyone indifferent. The last product in the picture is again Lime Crime Carousel Gloss, this time in shades of Candy Apple.

Make up for spring season

Closer to the warmer days and therefore more dangerous radiation caused by the sun. For this reason and because of the fact that I have oily skin you want to try Vichy Capital sun emulsion (SPF 50). In addition, it attracts me and Elf’s novelty HD cream blush. It is a beautiful multi function product that can be applied on the lips. I am particularly interested in the darkest shades which can be conveyed and to achieve the desired intensity and pigmentation. The product is really worth it is enough to literally crumbs to achieve the effect of a well pigmented blushes.

makeup brushes For Spring Season

I have only a dozen makeup brushes and certainly want to change in the near future. Terribly interested me Real Techniques brushes because I seem to be a perfect balance of price and quality. Currently my priorities brush for foundation and contouring (although I protested that I had it all).

Nails Colors and Make Up For Spring Season

At the end of the story of cosmetics (mostly decorative) present two beauties including nail polish. For these two’s slurring for months. The upper half of the image is NFU Oh 51 Very strange and very dull name for such perfection of lacquer. Reminds me of the universe, colorful spring sky filled with stars as it can often be seen in Japanese anime (specifically me this comes to mind). Another charmer is Essie Haute As Hello the most perfect peachy nail I’ve ever seen. Simply must have!

Perfuem For Spring Season 2013 4

From lubricator body most looking forward Bettina Bart body butter vanilla. My mom uses it and I’ve also tried (of course). I can say that it is really perfect it smells better than perfume the smell lingers for hours and hours beautifully nourishes the skin and in addition it is terribly slow and consumes. Love some by Mexx perfume is that I got for my birthday a few years ago. Jealously guarded and I enjoyed every minute while smelling my wrist. It’s very romantic, flowery and light just the right spring scent. Finally, I would like to try and Zaire perfumes (not necessarily this one in the picture) I have heard from so many that are good quality and cheap.

Colorful Necklace For Spring Season

My brown hair is long tired so often daydreaming about a shocking change like this in the picture. I’d love to have this color (ie, color) hair to me it was perfect. I still think that this desire to remain just a wish. Something realistic and this beautiful colorful necklace that I certainly get one very talented and lovely girls from heart it on Facebook.

My Wishlist Make Up For Spring Season 2013 2

I have a spectacular style of dress usually buy clothes that I was comfortable and that we stand nicely. You could say that the casual dress little can sometimes be boring and standard. This spring (at least initially) I want to wear soft, thick and high jumpers in which I would be warm when the wind blows where I feel like sleeping bear in the den. I’m not ready for the big summer heat; I want to enjoy the warm layers of clothing on a fresh spring day.

style of dress usually buy clothes

Among other things there is this beautiful coat / overcoat that impressed me at first glance. Do not ask for a link because I do not know where it can be ordered. If someone knows some answers and save this loving soul. Besides the beautiful coat, I want this kind of leather jacket exactly this cut. It looks wonderful, very elegant and feminine. Also, I am looking for a high quality classic leather belt like this one in the picture. Nothing filled with sequins and fringing pure simplicity that will brighten up the majority of the combination of fashion and look great with jeans and a nice shirt.

beautiful dress and sandals Make Up For Spring Season

In the end, attach a collage that I even agreed last spring to Poly It’s fun to keep track of how your tastes change so I am not crazy about these shades of paint as well as for those earrings. Everything else however, would still love to buy and wear, especially this beautiful dress and sandals.

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