Nail Color Match Skin Type


In order to be beautiful and attractive, the women will perform a variety of ways. Cosmetics and accessories are the things that can help transform and improve the appearance of women. There are many types of cosmetics and accessories that can make you more charming.

Nail Color Match Skin Type

Every part of the body is very important to get an awesome appearance. Nails are parts that can be enhanced in order to look more perfect. Applying nail polish beautiful nails will make you look more beautiful.

Here are tips on choosing nail polish colors that match your skin color types.

1. Leather White / olive

The women who have white skin or tan very lucky indeed. For women with this skin, almost all will be very suitable for the color they wear. Attractive colors of nail polish can be used easily by the white women.

Choice of nail polish colors such as burgundy, red, black and yellow can be used comfortably. For women who want to use the air-shimmer nail polish, which contains for the golden color can be used. Glamorous impression would be created by itself because of the feel of gold that is on your nail.

2. Leather Tanned

Has a white skin with dark brown to do not mean you will lose your beauty. Warrants have enough skin is indeed something special. If you want your skin look brighter, you can use nail polish with purple or plum color. And the skin will look more bright and charming with this type of car polish.

For use with shimmer nail polish, you can choose nail polish or nail polish that has a silver color could be an option to be reckoned with. The silver color will make your nails look more bright and cheerful impressed.

3.Dark skin

Many dark skinned people who Mersa not confident to wear attractive nail polish on her fingernails. This is unfortunate because with proper use and fit which color, your nails will make your dark skin seem more attractive.

For women who have dark skin, nail polish with intense color can make your nails seem attractive. Dare to be creative with intense colors will provide benefits to you?

Color glossy skin that impressed with the contrast it will make you seem more attractive skin. However, the placement and the proper use of nail polish should still be noted that the results obtained maximum.

Those are some tips to choose the color of nail polish that matches the color of your skin. By choosing a suitable color for the skin, you will be able to feel more confident in showing your fingernails beautiful

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