Nail Polish & Manicure! Most Popular Technologies Shellac & Acrylic

Nail Polish & Manicure! Most Popular Technologies Shellac & Acrylic
Nail Polish & Manicure! Most Popular Technologies Shellac & Acrylic

Now have a nice manicure can do everything, regardless of the state of their own nails. Manufacturers of cosmetics are developing more and more new compositions for nail, which is not only not injure the nail plate but also strengthen it. Some procedures are salon for their special equipment is required and some can do at home on their own.


One of the most popular technologies shellac & this is the name of the nail polish, also referred to as the technology and its application. Name given natural resin varnish which is used in its manufacture. Shellac has a lot of advantages over other technologies and varnishes. She has long held, when applied does not require sawing. The nail is only sand as part of the nail does not contain harmful chemicals.

Shellac can be applied to the nails themselves. Instructions for applying shellac are here. Remember that you can not wear nail polish for more than two weeks, even if he is not going to climb round. Another important rule – the nail in any case it is impossible to rip off a nail. She washed off easily with special means.

Nail Polish & Manicure! Most Popular Technologies Shellac & Acrylic

Nail Extension

In recent years, the technology used for manicure nails & it was invented in the 50’s of the 20th century. However, the popularity among women gained only at the end of the century. Demand for accrued nails is very easy to explain: they have a natural look, durable very easy to recover. Polish on the nails will keep these for much longer. The process of nail is available in several versions. The most popular are two types of building: gel and acrylic.

Acrylic Build-Up

When applying acrylic nail coating plate protected against ingress of moisture and excessive negative environmental impact & the composition of the material to build is a special acrylic powder and liquid. The mixture hardens very quickly, so spread it over the plate must master in a couple of minutes. The whole procedure takes about three hours.

Nail Polish & Manicure! Most Popular Technologies Shellac & Acrylic-

Acrylic – thin and flexible material but acrylic nail dozens of times will be stronger than natural. If for acrylic nails properly care, they can hold up to three to four months. Despite a number of significant advantages of this option are at capacity and disadvantages. First, acrylic blend has an unpleasant odor and emits toxic chemicals that are harmful to human health. Secondly, acrylic can cause irritation of the skin after such a build-up natural nails become brittle and weak and subject to long-term recovery.

If you still decide to do acrylic nails, you have to follow some rules:

  • This kind of capacity may not be used with antibiotics and during the course of chemotherapy in the body contains acetone which reacts negatively to acrylics;
  • Acrylic nails should be protected from impact;
  • Before applying the lacquer nail to cover ad hoc basis or acrylic can change its color;
  • When removing nail only uses liquid which do not contain acetone, it must be made on an oil basis.

Nail Polish & Manicure! Most Popular Technologies Shellac & Acrylic-0

Gel extensions

Gel builds safer for health. Gel formulations include natural and semi synthetic components. Gel capacity is 60% of the resin of coniferous trees. Gel nails have a more natural look because the gel is breathable. Using this technology, the master may implement the most fantastic client’s orders: holographic, aquarium and the photoelectric effect can be used for decoration beads, colored foil, mica, feathers and more.

Gel Nails Are Also Disadvantages:

  • Compared with the acrylic, they are more brittle and fragile;
  • May crack from sudden temperature changes;
  • Defects are not subject to correction, you only need to make a new building;
  • You can only remove the nails using a special nail file.

Despite all the advantages of artificial nails, carried away by them is not recommended. As a result of extended wear disrupted the normal circulation of natural nails. They may even completely atrophy. It is better to use shellac.

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