Nail Trends 2021- The 25+ Most Exciting Nail Polish Trends

In this article, we inform you about the popular nail polish colors and other current nail trends in 2021. there are also trends in nail design. The focus is on bright colors, sparkling accents, but also classic berry nuances and delicate nude tones for those who like to be less eccentric.

Well-groomed hands and a good manicure always stand out and stand for a tasteful style. This enhances and rounds off the entire look

Best 25 Nail Trends below Detail of Exciting Nail Polish

01. Nail Trends: Pantone colors 2021 “Kale” and “Greenery” Nail Polish

Pantone’s official 2021 trend colors include “Kale” and “Greenery”. They conquer our wardrobe in spring and summer and ensure a fresh and positive appearance. The same colors are also on the nails.

Kale Greenery Green Nail Polish

Greenery combines well with light gray, white, beige or dark blue. If the new shade of green is too bright for you and does not necessarily appeal to your taste, you’d better stick to the green nuance “Kale,” which means “kale” in German, and this year is a trend color. It looks especially good with white, pink or orange.

02. Nail Trends: Summer Color Blue Nail Polish

In the summer of 2021, one of the current nail polish trend colors is blue. Especially colorful and blue-green shades, such as turquoise green and azure, but also gray-blue are a true all-rounder.

Blue Modern Polish

However, the blue does not match every skin tone. Ladies with very light skin should resort to darker shades. Too bright tones make the hands look pale and sickly soon.

A deep blue with a light texture reminiscent of ocean and sand, making it a perfect nail design for the summer holiday.

03. Nail Trends: Brash Red and Electric Orange Nail Polish

The perfect nail polish for the spring and summer should be noticeable and provide a good mood. Brash red and Electric Orange is definitely the choice of extrovert personalities. In contrast to the classic red is set here on a high orange share.

Red-Orange Gaudy Polish

A dress with small, red flowers is perfectly complemented by red fingernails. To washed-out jeans, a red manicure sets an irresistible accent.

04. Nail Trends: Bronze Nail Polish

Even if current nail trends are crazy and crazy just in the summer, some prefer a simple color, but still reminiscent of hot summer and sunshine.

Bronze Polish

A mixture of gold, brown and terracotta conjures up the nails kissed by the sun. This warm earth tone is very good on all skin tones and gives the nails the perfect summer glow touch.

05. Nail Trends: Nude Nail Polish

Nail polish must-have 2021 is a delicate nude tone. This is perfect for those who like it less colorful, but at the same time do not want to miss neat nails.

You should find a suitable tone that does not make the skin seem too pale, but also with no too high proportion of white. Pastel peach nuance and beige are a good choice for every occasion and everyday life.

Nude Polish

06. Nail Trends: Natural And Glamorous Nail Polish With Highlight Top Coat

At the next current nail trend 2021, a statement color is completely omitted and instead the naturalness of the nail is emphasized. Natural nails with a light, shimmering shine, and French appeal are really easy to spell: neatly nails and apply only an extremely lustrous top coat for a glassy effect to enhance the natural beauty of well-groomed hands in a particularly subtle way. For an extra glamorous effect, for example, at a party, you can add glitter.

Course Nude Polish

07. Nail Trends: Metallic Shades Nail Polish

The so-called metallic nails are becoming increasingly popular in delicate tones as well as in dark, dramatic variations. As the name suggests, these are nail polishes in metallic tones.

Metallic Glitter

Each technique produces a more or less shiny look and makes the fingernails into real accessories. The elaborate metallic effects look best on not too long fingernails with a slightly rounded shape; otherwise, the whole nail design seems quickly overloaded.

You will learn more about the different variations of metallic nails in the near future.

08. Nail Trends: Diamond Nail Polish For Nails

Any real fashionista loves glitz and glamor when it comes to a party manicure. With the brilliant shine, the fingernails become a perfect accessory. Who is on gold, should necessarily make whole gold bars on the nails.

Diamond Polish for Manicure 

It looks far more elegant than you think

09. Nail Trends: Hologram And Chrome Nail Polish

The extremely fine metallic effects on the nails are provided by special pigments or powders and are only possible with gel nail polishes. The fine powder is applied to a moist gel layer and then sealed.

For a perfect mirror, effect provides a dark or black background. To get different aurora effects, you need to apply a different color like dark blue, purple or green. Finally, the pigment is thoroughly sealed.

Chrome Powder Gold Silver Polish

10. Nail Trends: Confetti, Stencils, And Stickers

If you want the full-cover nail polish diversified, it can lay on its patterns with stencils or stickers. The trend is mainly geometric shapes. Blümchen, however, is less popular.

Stencils Or Stickers Glittery

Nevertheless, interesting nail designs with real, dried flowers were presented on the catwalk for 2021.

11. Nail Trends: Abstract and Tint Nail Polish

In these nail polish trends, the fingernails serve as a canvas and are finally reminiscent of an abstract painting. In the “abstract” nail design, a paint that is as intense as possible in color is applied as a substrate and then a second color is dabbed with a dry bristle brush.

Tint-Abstract Polish

A particularly beautiful effect is achieved by complementary colors. In “Tint Nails” you use the most neutral base coat possible, such as pink or nude.

When the first layer dries out, dab some paint in the middle of the nail and gently blot it with a sponge. It should give a delicate watercolor effect. Finally, you seal with a topcoat.

12. Nail Trends: 2-Color Manicure

For this new nail trend, you use two colors from the same color family and combine them in the design of each fingernail. For this purpose, it is recommended to use a template, so that the result is perfect.

Particularly beautiful combinations result with matt and glossy enamel paints, pastel and spring colors and complementary colors.

Two Colored Polish

13. Current Nail Trends With Nail Shapes 2021:

The nail shape and the length of the manicure should always fit the woman type. Red, long nails give a very different statement than short nails in the same color.

In general, the simpler and rounder the nail is, the gaudier the nail design may be. When it comes to fashion shows, neat, not too long and round filed nails are trendy.

Nude Polish Black Elements

14. Pedicure And Manicure: Current nail trends 2021

Applying the same nail polish on hands and feet is no longer a must.

Ppedicure Manicuree In Red

Current Nail Trends, Metallic Accents

16. Nail polish trend: From now on we wear white nails

All white – that was our motto this summer: long maxi dresses, jumpers, denim jackets … we only saw white and loved it so much! Even in the fall, we can not let go of the color. White stays, not only in fashion but also in our nails.

White Polish

17. Nail polish trend: We now wear white on the nails

This may sound like getting used to it and at first, remind you of Tippex on the nails (at least some boys). Applied at a second glance and with appropriate care, the color looks really great.

If you want to go one better, combine it with the white nails, white garments or even an all-white look. Kylie Jenner has already done it and wore a white blazer dress at the MTV VMA’s.

Plus white nails: Ariana Grande and Blake Lively are also pulling along. We predict that soon everyone will be wearing the sleek, minimalist yet an eye-catching trend.

White nail polish: that’s how you put it on properly

Important: White nail polish can quickly look uneven. Therefore, over and undercoat are essential here. Nothing works without them, so they should not be forgotten!

Mother-of-pearl or pink as an alternative:

If pure white is too extreme, you can turn to the mother of pearl or pink. But it is also important to pay attention to a high opacity.

18. Show Your Hands! The Current Trend Coatings And Colors For The Winter Start

The fall-winter season is approaching and with it a series of new nail polish trends for 2020 2021. A special feature: Pale!

A striking buzzword when it comes to the new nude colors on the nails. They are kept in abstract colors like white corn. An absolute contrast to ketchup red and 80ies claws received from last season. The three most important nail polish trends in the overview…

19. Nude Is Pale Now

Prabal Gurung polish

White corn and colors like frozen snow and gray powder: Nails are now worn pale look. Boring? No, please: it depends on the paint job. As it is staged with Tom Ford. Therefore, paint the nails in a simple nude tone, avoiding the crescent around the nail bed or dye for a contrast in a slightly lighter or darker tone.

20. The Pantone Red

The fact that red is so diverse now is due to Pantone. The legendary institute as a trend barometer for trendy colors…

Oscar de la Renta and Christian Siriano Red Polish

A contradiction! But that’s the way it is, says Pantone color specialist Leatrice Eiseman: “Color psychology has become popular again and people are beginning to think about the colors they wear, how it reflects their feelings, and whether they want to belong to a particular group.” The choice of red is up to your mood: a brave poppy or sweet red pear?

A grim “Red Pear” or the brighter, offensive “Valiant Poppy”? Absolute highlight: The new Channel nail polishes with a twist: The Velvet Nail Colors leave a matt,

21. 80s Feeling

Leo nail art in neon colors or holographic nail polish – main thing, it takes place on overlong XXL claws. From Moschino to Marc Jacobs, the eighties celebrate a comeback in nail design.

Jeremy Scott and Marc Jacobs Polish

While Jeremy Scott uses translucent artificial nails with neon-colored animal print for his own collection, Moschino styles the long nails in bright pink and red with crescent-shaped accents. Marc Jacobs is crowned with blue nail polish with shimmering particles!

22. Controversial: Nails in Claw Shape

Jeremy Scott Special Polish color
That’s what the expert says about the extra-long nails

Loni Baur: “I’m happy backstage when all the models have neat, not too long nails, round and short I find the most modern – at least when it comes to fashion shows Sometimes a short, slightly pointed nail fits in.

I myself tend to use classic nails: I generally do not like it when nails are too long A long red nail makes a very different statement than a short nail in the same color The nail polish color may be more gaudy, if the woman type is sporty and transparent make-up, a dark, slightly longer nail can look very elegant.

23. Nail Polish Knigge

Do you wear a Pedi and manicure in one color?

Loni Baur says: “You can do what you like, but I recommend using the same nail polish on your hands and feet, but I find it more modern when the toenails are colorless, for example, and the fingernails are left nude.”

Must: The new nourishing ingredient “Acai”

The tip of Loni Baur: “Acai-oil-enriched nail polish textures are particularly popular – means, nourishing ingredients will remain trendy in 2018!” Dawid Tomaszewski “.

Star nail polish Blake Lively: “Manicure is Message”

Blake Lively turns out to be a true manicure addict. True to the hip message manicure, she pays tribute to her husband Ryan Reynold’s film role in the legendary comic saga Deadpool. A red and black mask of the movie hero decorates the nail of her ring finger.

Blake Lively Polish Look

The look proves: Trend paints and manicures are an ambassador!

Instructions Express Manicure

Loni Baur is responsible for ensuring that a nail polish not only sets the tone but also succeeds at a fashion show at breakneck speed. As part of the Berlin fashion salon as Head of Make-up for Catrice, she gives Vogue exclusive nail polish tips:

  1. To prepare the nails massage, nails oil and removes the cuticle. Gently shape the nails into shape.
  2. Polish the nail and, if necessary, apply a basecoat.
  3. Apply paint and allow drying – if necessary, apply a second coat.
  4. Apply Top-Coat, so that the color shines beautifully and the varnish is protected.

Review: Summer Trends 2020

For green and neon-colored nail polish?

This is one of the nail polish trends for 2020 and could become an absolute summer favorite. Model Bella Hadid wears neon yellow nails matched to her outfit and her yellow eyeshadow on the Dior Homme Runway Show.

Styling tip Golden jewelry goes well with the glaring manicure, whether filigree rings or a statement ring, as Bella wears it. Kim Kardashian also has the taste of neon color: she relaxes with neon yellow toenails on the beach.

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24. Clean-chic: Time To Remove The Nail Polish

With rising temperatures, the nails are happy about a break from nail polish and Co. and an extra dose of care! will tell you which products to create a stylish nude look – and which stars wear the paint detox particularly well

Remove The Polish
© Getty Images

Your fingernails are brittle or discolored?

This can be due to frequent painting. High time to remove the nail polish and insert a Nageldox. This means giving your nails a break from painting and pampering your fingers with oils and creams instead. Because the hands look well-groomed and chic without paint.

At the beginning of the detox, the fingernails should be freed of paint residues with acetone-free nail polish remover.

Discolored nails can be dipped in lemon juice or whitening nail baths. Then soften the cuticles with nail oil and gently push back with a rosewood stick. If the skin cannot be completely removed, help overnight with a nail bath, peeling or mask and push back again. Now file the nails in shape and polish. Et Voilà.

More about nail care:

After successful removal and renouncement of nail polish, one may allow oneself again a little color on the nails. What the nail polish trends for 2020 2021 are read here.

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