Nails Royal Blue and Silver for Christmas


J-1 before Eve and J-2 before Christmas, I guess you have your entire pretty held ready for the big day but have you planned your manicure? shelookbook today, we offer a manicure without using the traditional red nail polish!

Here is a pretty nail art on a royal blue background with a French silver, accentuated a nail (accent nail) silver mirror with a tree and the whole covered with a top coat with gold micro-glitter. All steps are not mandatory, you can of course inspire you this template to create your own manicure party!

Nails Royal Blue and Silver for Christmas

Start with the traditional base layer. I do not say it every time but it is of course essential to protect your nail color transfer and chemicals in the dyes of varnish (the bases are made to be in direct contact with the nail).

To make this Christmas manicure, I started by applying a coat of nail polish royal blue. I use the “Deep in her eyes” of Sephora.

Then I realized my silver french with stickers french manicure and nail “Rock” of Sephora.

The tree was drawn freehand with a green paint “Nail & Day” bought 1 euro Presty Store at Gare de Lyon. I think we found this kind of varnish on the market also. I rarely used, hence my small investment!

Finally, I applied a coat of nail glitter gold. I used to this by top-coat varnish No. 48 Honey Crystals of in – Gemey Maybelline, the same as I used top coat on my red nail varnish to my previous Christmas .

Here I hope that this Christmas manicure Did you and give you lots of ideas for your nail varnish on Christmas Day!

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