20 Glitter Nail Designs Tips & Ideas – White And Gold Nails Manicure Trend

A current glitter nail designs trend in nail polishes has prevailed: Nails in white gold. With glitter, graphically styled or with nail films the opulent look is a total hit. It can be seen in many variations. At first glance, gilded fingernails may look playful, but the appearance should always be cool and much reduced. Colors and patterns as well as textures alternate with the nail design, as with the fashionable outfits.

01. The current nail design trends at a glance

Everything but probably not monotonously the worn nails 2019. Strict line, colorful color combinations, geometric constructions dominate in the nail varnish trims, which were presented at the international fashion week. It is not only played with colors, but also with textures. Shellac, powders, and oils provide greater scope and make our manicures look more exciting.

current nail design trends at a glance

So there is always something to discover and it will never get boring. Metal lacquers, chrome, mirror nails, and rivets are something for those who like shimmer and sparkle. On the other hand, neutral shades match everything and look simply chic. A special combination of the two will accompany us in the summer – nails and white gold.

02. Fashionable Nail Shapes

Spring and summer look, promising with regard to nail tips – an interesting mixture of graphic patterns and great colors. If the nail polish is the fashion on the nails and the look perfectly rounded, the hand care and the matched nail shape is an important prerequisite for this. No matter what color or pattern you choose, the nail shape should be naturally rounded, i.e., oval. Corners and edges are only allowed for the design.

Fashionable Nail Polish With Matched Nail Shape

03. Nail Polish: Nails in White Gold

Although the selection of the colors is limited to only two, the new lacquers contain a great deal. Glittering particles must be applied to the fingernails in 2019. Glitter, graffiti motifs, dashes or simply golden color bring us into glamor mood. The manicure, however, should be adapted especially to the outfit.

White And Gold Nail Polish With Glitter

Elaborate patterns and motifs are more suitable for festive occasions and less suited to the office outfit. Above all, it is important whether the dominant colors of the outfit are also included in the manicure. White and gold, however, are always a good choice for the summer and match the tanned skin very well.

04. French Nails In White Gold

Everything that glimmers shine and sparkles are in 2019 announced. If it is too much and does not correspond to the appropriate business look, neutral colors always go. So that it is not boring, one should combine with metal effects.

That is why White Gold is a harmonious combination that is suitable for everyone. The classic and unobtrusive French manicure is beautifully interpreted in these two colors and still looks stylish and elegant.

French Manicure In White Gold

This can also be done at home wonderfully and is, therefore, a chic variation of the conventional nail design.

05. Framed Manicure In White Gold

The so-called “Framed” manicure or also known as the reverse French manicure is also a variant that convinces with its simplicity. Glitter covers only the nail attachment and a finger, here the Eheringfinger. Thus, a subtle accent is achieved, without attracting attention and without overtaking with the glam, but not completely without it.

Framed Manicure In White Gold With Glitter

06. Ombre Nails In White Gold

A soft glamor look is created by the Ombre technology. Here, the glitter is gently attached, concentrating on the nail attachment and gently running towards the nail tip, they are only complete in the end.

Looking for a chic, romantic look with some stardust. The finish is supposed to be glamorous, in order to bring the glittering splendor into the foreground and to present it in the best way possible.

Ombre Nails In White Gold

07. Nails in white gold: simple with self-adhesive stickers

Brilliant and metallic elements are in full swing. Geological motifs, strokes, and lines – as well. Minimalist and yet individual this white-gold manicure. For minimalist designs of every kind, a rule of thumb applies: everything must be perfect.

Therefore the perfectly shaped fingernails are an important prerequisite. The perfectly separated white area can be reached by means of some tape or special self-adhesive strips suitable for the purpose. The decorating elements are stickers, but they can be golden flash tattoos.

Nails in white gold with self-adhesive stickers

08. Nails In White Gold With Some Transparency

Compared to the chrome nails, the white-gold combination looks a bit more discreet. We find it, but for really chic and stylish, especially if the gold are not applied on all fingers. A next trend is a transparency or the so-called see-through nails. They are super modern and are achieved either by layering transparent nail polish or by clear plastic nails. Numerous glitter particles are incorporated in some places.

Nails In White Gold With Transparent Nail Polish

09. Nails In White Gold With Glitter And Playful Motifs

Thanks to acrylic nails and gel lacquers, different small elements can easily be integrated into the nail design. Glitter, rivets, rhinestones, pearls, and others are incorporated between the transparent layers of varnish and thus also fixed.

Nails In White Gold And Acrylic Transparent Nails Design

10. Nails In White Gold With Gold Leaf Effect

In 2019 the fingernails may not be boring. There are no limits to creativity. You can even mix several styles and create a great look by using nail films and stencils. For stylish results, we recommend considering a color concept. Do not use more than 3 colors; the color of the decorating elements is also included.

Graphic patterns and motifs when painting, the fingernails are not necessarily completely painted. Using self-adhesive strips, films or stencils, individual areas can be covered. This look is called cut-out.

Nails In White Gold With Gold Leaf Effect

Even chaotic spots can look right and harmonious, they belong to a whole and the choice of colors is coordinated. Here is a glamor accent achieved by leaf gold.

11. Nails In White Gold Me Crash Effect

A transparency effect can also be achieved by effect lacquers, for example by a crash lacquer. The lower layer of golden glitter color shines through the fractures of the white crash paint.

White And Gold Nails Polish With Crack Effect

12. Nails In White Gold With Worked Rivets, Glitter, And Rhinestones

The geometric shapes can be achieved in several ways. Lines, arches, and rectangles can be precisely painted with nail varnish and brush, but can also be glued as a foil or why not be made out of several small elements.

Nails In White Gold Geometric Shapes With Glitter And Rhinestones

If you prefer your fingernails to be in a color, then take neutral white and add individual details that will provide a change. Accents can only be put on two or three fingers. Gold foil, glitter particles, and sequins are very suitable. Beautifully and precisely ordered, these can also form geometric shapes and structures.

13. Top Nails In White Gold And Nude

Top nails are very striking in themselves and will probably look with many worked out details or even kitschy.

In this case, instead of applying a complex nail design, we recommend using complex patterns and motifs to paint the fingers in different colors. The rule of thumb over the three colors remains valid here. Then choose two neutral colors, such as Nude and White, and a third – Gold, which should provide an eye-catcher.

Top 3 Type Nails In White Gold And Nude Polish

14. Playful nail design In White Gold: Star Motifs

If you like it more dramatically and prefer dark colors, gold and white can be combined with a dark color. White gold is a good match for dark blue or black. Here is advisable with the gold and glitter not to exaggerate.

A Beautiful variant is three fingers dark to varnish and the other two varied. Star motifs complement the glamorous look but are also a good decision for everyday life with jeans.

White Gold Nails With Star Motifs

15. Playful nail design in white gold: artfully minimalist

The nail polish tendencies are also artful but minimalist. Each fingernail can be designed differently, but also harmoniously with the others. This manicure looks extravagant but elegant at the same time. Here gold is no longer an accent, but one of the main colors. Combined with white and very little black, and due to its matte finish, it looks discreet and even simple.

Nail Polish Trends In White Gold

16. Playful nail design in white gold itself – With a permanent marker

Great nails in white gold are easy to conjure when using a permanent marker. The color of the marker is mostly based on acetone and fits wonderfully to any conventional nail polish. Experiment with shapes and patterns.

Nail Polish With Shapes And Patterns

17. Marble nails in white gold

Marble is a trendy trend not only in interior design but also in fashion, hence also in the nail design. Marbled nails are perfect for both minimalist and extravagant. The characteristic pattern can be painted with a thin nail art brush or by the so-called marble technique. This requires a white ULack layer and a bowl of water.

On the water surface, 2 – 3 drops of gray or black nail polish are added, then each individual fingernail is dipped. This nail design technique is somewhat more complicated and will probably require several attempts to perfect the result.

Perfect Interior Design Marbled Nails Of Gray Or Black Nail Polish

18. Artificial fingernails

Art nails are always a solution when your own fingernails are brittle or simply never grow beautiful and long. Artificial nails can be made both at home and in the nail studio. There are even those with applied color layer and with finished nail design. You just have to stick it on and you’re done.

Beautiful And Long Artificial Fingernails

Recently, even artificial fingernails from the 3D printer have made salon able

Christmas Golden Nail Art Designs for the golden glitter manicure

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