Natalie Portman Beauty Secrets of a Parisian Nature


Natalie Portman, pretty Parisian. The young American actress and director, France has adopted, agreed to deliver the secrets of its incredible beauty. The face of the Dior house is now the face of all latest red of the brand and unveils its beauty habits and well-being for our colleagues in the magazine Gala.

Natalie Portman makeup and beauty secrets

A disciplined Natalie

“I run three times a week and I practice yoga, “says the beautiful brunette who had to undergo a titan training for her role in Black Swan, which also will be worth an Oscar. A nature lover, the one who now lives much of the year in Paris admits that the nature and the sea ” close “Los Angeles are the things that she misses the most.

And care routine question, Natalie did not encumbered thousand products, it simply uses quality. “I clean my skin with cleansing milk Joëlle Ciocco and then I apply the ointment Hervé herau. That’s about all “loose the one with a pure and captivating beauty.

For her hair, Natalie also has its little darlings. “I am a fan of the colorist Christophe Robin products and those of the Australian hairdresser David Mallett. It was he who cut my hair, “she continues.

A chameleon Natalie

Natalie Portman beauty tips routine

Lovely day and night on the red carpet, Natalie learned a few tricks of makeup artists and now knows the secret to exploit all its beauty. She who reported feeling “sexier” wearing a red lipstick knows how to give more intensity to her gaze by example … her eyelashes shine!

“To give shine to lashes and more intensity to the eye, a makeup artist had covered with petroleum jelly. It’s simple and effective. This also works with lip balm.”

Nature in the city, the actress and wife of Benjamin Millepied (they are the parents of a small Aleph) also shares its essential to slip into her bag when needed: “I always have a compact powder, my red lips and absorbent papers to avoid shine because I have combination skin.”

Healthy and fulfilled, actress announcement also working on a documentary about the environment and takes advantage of his free time in Paris to admire the beauty and the art of the most beautiful city in the world!

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