Natural Bridal Makeup for Young Brides

Natural Bridal Makeup for Young Brides
Natural Bridal Makeup for Young Brides

The bride’s showbiz as Tang Thanh Ha, Jennifer Pham … all makeup style options to bring natural youthful looks charming, full of life.

In recent years, natural makeup trend becoming more prevalent and eye-catching & Many brides, including the bride’s showbiz as Tang Thanh Ha, Jennifer … all options on this style in their big day because it just seems to bring fresh, charming, full of life.

Natural Bridal Makeup for Young Brides

The Ideal Class

According to Khai Thien makeup, creating a smooth substrate is spotless top condition to have a perfect face. Beautiful bride with fair skin and light can skip adjusting skin but if the bride’s skin with acne, pigmentation, freckles and cons, the adjustment of skin color with foundation is essential.

When performing any type of makeup is very important to clean surface & Next, the substrate handling fragile, during the bride’s face with makeup cosmetics such as moisturizer, cream liner, foundation, powder coating powder.

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First, take a moderate amount of cream liner rub on your face. Use your fingers or a makeup sponge lightly mile for face creams are scattered and absorbed into the skin. Use concealer to cover less.

The golden rule when using cream foundation is to choose some of the lighter skin, put into areas such as the face, nose, chin, forehead and eyes. Use makeup to spread cotton and are hand gently to look natural substrate, eye-catching with a thin substrate, transparent, brides will not be worried about premature aging.

The Eyes Say

To add eye appeal, first use eyeliner along the edge of the eyelashes, eyeliner drawn in small and powerful. Next in the line is drawn, starting from the eyes forward along the foot of the eyelashes.

Limit use false eyelashes, use procedure connect the upper and lower lashes with glue to mi eyes look more beautiful naturally. Mascara to the eyelashes is real and fake mix naturally.

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Eye makeup trend recently often focus light colors like bare colors, brown-brown, pearl … To eyes become bright and attractive look, you can use colors, silver slight hit close to the eyebrows, eyes cast.

Hot Lips

Recently, lipstick pink accents, pink lotus, orange color, tones … the very thought of the young bride. Because the lip color will help the bride becomes more radiant and youthful. Particularly bold colors such as red, purple grapes, red plum … still beauty charm and elegance.

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