Natural Hair Laminating Ideas – DIY Hair Treatment At Home


You can get such a protective film by hair laminating. What this technique has to offer and how to make the hair treatment even at home. you will learn in this article.

If you have strained and brittle hair. you are always looking for suitable products that can put an end to the problem. Hair treatments, rinses and the like are a great help, but they are often not enough to make the hair shine and make it sufficiently supple. And just when you use the hair through tints, dyes and straightening iron additionally, in the end usually only a solution remains and that is the walk to the hairdresser, which simply cuts the part.

However, since this is usually associated with a greater loss of hair, many would prefer to do without. On top of that, even split time is cut after the cut, because simply the necessary protection is missing around the hair.


6. Hair laminating – What is it?

Now you have certainly become curious. What does laminating mean now and how is that done? In some hairdressers, it is offered to laminate the hair. The hair laminating at the hairdresser means nothing more than that these are treated with plastics. It has to be mentioned that this is not a hair care like the hair treatment, but only a trick in which already strained and broken hair is so to speak restored. Your hair does not become healthier.

Before laminating, however, treatment is performed with special care products containing collagen or keratin. These ingredients, so to speak, fill cracks in the hair, while the polymers, i.e. the plastics, seal it afterward. This treatment lasts between three to four months.

Hair Laminate Herbal Ingredient Powder

Who would like to make the hair itself, can do this even at home?

To this end, prepare a flush for which you are using ordinary gelatin powder. It is also possible to laminate the hair with leaf gelatin. How exactly this works and a helpful recipe can be found below. The gelatin for the hair is simply incorporated and remains after the rinsing of the individual hair. where they protect like a protective cover the structure of the hair and keep it smooth. The result is a supple and shining hair splendor that every lady dreams of.

If you want to apply your own hand. you can also laminate your hair with agar recipes. This is the so-called Japanese gelatin which, unlike our gelatin, is not made from animals, but is made from algae and thus purely vegetable. No matter which of the two products you choose. choose the best organic products. These do not contain any harmful chemicals and so, do the hair much better…


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