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Overseal Natural Ingredients Heal Dry Skin

Maintain healthy skin at every woman is a thing that can not be separated. To treat the skin for smoother there are some natural ingredients that you can use for a skin.

Here are natural ingredients that can help keep skin smooth and delicate:

Natural Ingredients

1. Sweet pepper (paprika)

Not only can be used for sweet pepper various foods it turns out that the fruit can also be used as whitening mask. In addition, sweet pepper also has the function to increase your blood flow circulation. It’s easy you can destroy the sweet pepper by placing them in a blender. Sweet pepper mentioned herein may be the sweet red pepper or green sweet pepper.

Natural Ingredients Skin Refiner -1

After the sweet pepper and crushed into mush or cream you can apply it evenly to all parts you want to focus and let stand for fifteen minutes. After that wash the parts with cold water.

2. Yogurt

Dryness of the skin can be caused by various factors such as air conditioners and if your skin is dry the skin also feels very rough. To avoid that you need to increase the skin’s moisture. Yogurt is one of dairy products was also able to give effect to moisturize your skin. It is very easy you just need to mix it with a little honey and then apply to the section you want to moisturize for at least ten minutes after that wash with water.

3. Chamomile

Natural Ingredients Skin Refiner

Chamomile may commonly know as mixed drinks like tea. But other than that you also can certainly find chamomile in various types of beauty products. This is because the actual chamomile burgundy coat also to reduce the swelling of the eye and also brighten your skin produces. Do not imagine that you have to look for this one flower and make a concoction of the flowers. All you need to do is to look for the chamomile and then dip it into a glass of hot water.

Allow the water in it to cool and then paste the tea bags on your eyes. Does this regularly for three weeks and you will get a healthy skin and bright eyes

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