Natural Sunburn Remedies With Soothe Sunburn Treatment


You’ve thought of everything sun oil, hair protection, hat and sunglasses … But a game of beach volleyball that takes an unexpected nap or are difficult to counter traps and cause nasty sunburn. Back home mode crayfish and it is too late to go to the pharmacy.

Here are some remedies grandmother proven to soothe sunburn.

soothe sunburn

Before applying these simple and natural tips to relieve burns it is obviously necessary to take care to keep her sunburn to be sure they are not serious. Burning too much, too large and causing dizziness or nausea and stuff grandma can do nothing for you. Rather, it is time to rush to the emergency room. If there is only redness and a burning sensation without the skin is damaged (no blister) background of your fridge may be helpful.


While it may seem rather uninviting to spread hiser little Swiss on her shoulders. Yet in case of sunburn if the medicine cabinet does not contain it takes a poultice yogurt actually relieves. The yogurt is spread (preferably nature, because the pineapple … Well, you see) in a layer thick enough to sunburn. Freshness guaranteed immediate effect. Yogurt once it is cooler to keep a little dignity is removed. That said, would turn it once in hot pot and dripping yogurt deter you certainly catch other sunburn.

Lemon Juice

Lemon has antiseptic properties. It is always good to have in the fridge and beyond thinning hair in summer it can also allow you to relieve sunburn. More discreet than yogurt, lemon apply a compress. To do this, dilute the juice of one lemon in a bowl of cold water and quenching of sterile gauze pads is applied then on burns. If the skin is damaged (gratouillées mosquito bites) is avoided because the lemon: it stings.

Baking Soda

They are found in many closets as it is useful for many things. Baking soda swells cakes, whitens teeth and freshens old sneakers (even those worn without socks a miracle you’re told.) Well let me tell you, baking soda soothes burns. The recipe diluted a tablespoon of baking soda in 250ml of water and dipped in the liquid compresses applied on the skin. Is repeated until the fire subsides.

Rolls Remedies Aloe Vera

The followers of soft and natural medicine will certainly have a bottle in their fridge. Aloe vera is the best medicine to relieve sunburn. It is even better than Biafine which she softens the skin and therefore peel. Biafine is actually using the “open” burns. Aloe vera, perfect for superficial burns minor irritations and even deep wounds can also sells gel. Nothing special to do here just apply the pulp of aloe gel or directly on the skin and spread slightly. The skin must remain moist and dry the product by forming a transparent protective film.

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