Wear The Colors Of Your Home With The New Harry Potter Clothes Collection!


Even without receiving your acceptance letter at Hogwarts, you probably have a favorite home in the Harry Potter saga. To show it to the world, Black Milk Clothing has launched a new line of outfits inspired by the magic universe. What to drain our savings at Gringotts!

Rather like Slytherin as Drago Malfoy, Hufflepuff as Cedric Diggory, Ravenclaw as Luna Lovegood or Gryffindor as Harry, Ron, and Hermione? All fans of Harry Potter have their favorite home, the one in which the Hat would have placed them. Want to represent yours? We have what it takes!

A new collection of Harry Potter clothes

After the Primark X Collection Harry Potter, it’s Black Milk Clothing’s turn to take inspiration from the magic saga. The American brand has launched a brand new line of clothing inspired by the houses of Hogwarts, in limited edition. To you to choose between light dresses, sweater meshes way Weasley, the leggings or the jerseys Quidditch colors of witchcraft school teams. Our favorite piece? The dress inspired by Harry’s invisibility cloak.


How to get Harry Potter coins?

We are not going to lie: the coins of this collection are not given since prices range from 60 to 160 euros. But merchandising in connection with movies is rarely given. So, if you choose to offer one (or several, let’s be crazy!) Items in this collection, just visit the Black Milk Clothing website, on the “Hogwarts Collection” tab.

The site is American, but it delivers all over the world, for postage. Our little advice? Place a bulk order with your friends to reduce the cost and save money! All you have to do,

If You Buy Visit the Website: Black Milk Clothing

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