A post dedicated to the new watch of Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared on the telegram channel “Heroine of Tatler”.

New Watch of Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin replaced imports by the hour. Where there used to be Pateks and Blancpas, now there is IPF. The name stands for “Imperial Peterhof Factory”. No, well, how not imperial? In our country, the emperors didn’t buy Cartier, Patek, Chopard, and Vacheron Konstantin, but sat on everything, we remember. The brand was invented by the current rogue owners of the Raketa watch company. And have already reached the highest hand. God forbid, the president will replace Loro Piana with some kind of “Imperial Ivanovo knitwear”, and then we will definitely be blocked from accessing imports (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved. – Note ed.),

  • wrote the author of an anonymous Telegram channel.

As experts from the Jewelry Digest telegram channel noted, Vladimir Putin replaced his favorite Blancpains with custom IPFs quite a long time ago:

On a freeze-frame from his video message dated February 21, you can already see the novelty.

The former editor-in-chief of Tatler, Arian Romanovsky, also joined the discussion:

If you thought that import substitution today is “Tasty and that’s it” with Ivan tea, then most likely you have not yet moved from your Rolls-Royce to Aurus. But Mishustin, Khusnullin, Manturova, and other important people have long appreciated the domestic luxury auto industry.

It is not easy to get a Russian analogue of the “spirit of ecstasy”. In the official salon “Aurus” I was informed that “they are not available and never happen. They are made to order.” But, as I know, only by pull: such a hearse speaks much more about its owner than another “Maybach”. Therefore, many wannabes who are not related to the Cabinet of Ministers dream of the “aurus”. Average price: 20 million rubles. The models are named after the Kremlin towers. True, the engines were developed jointly with Porsche.

And here is the “Heroine of Tatler” wrote about Putin’s new watch: he replaced Breguet with “IPF”.

In short, attempts at import substitution in the field of luxury look quite ambitious. I can already imagine how I drink Russian champagne in the back seat of the Aurus to the song “I wish” by Elena Vaenga.

The representative of the plant has already commented on the news and discussions that appeared on the network:

New Watch of Vladimir Putin From Raketa Watch Company

The “Imperial Peterhof Factory” watch worn by Vladimir Putin was made to order. The customer chooses the type of stone, and the color of gold from which the case is made: white, yellow, pink, and the color of the belt. On the rotor in the form of a double-headed eagle, you can put the initials, the image of the coat of arms at the request of the future owner,

Antonina Skurydina, head of the advertising and marketing department at the Raketa watch factory, told RIA Novosti.

PHOTO: Mikhail Tereshchenko/TASS
PHOTO: Social network

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