New Wedding Trend To Alliances


Day is approaching and you still have not chosen your wedding? Prefer a unique jewel and top fashion.

New Wedding Trend To Alliances

Choose a design alliance and unusual

The origin of the alliance back to the 17th century, The rings made of iron or copper were still sober. At that time, they were exchanged only in a Christian marriage the priest himself was putting the ring on bride’s finger. The tradition continues today except that they are spouses who exchange the rings as a sign of eternal union. Today alliances are much more original than in the past. They are now in yellow gold, white, red or silver, to suit all tastes. In recent years the trend is to the rings set with precious stones. The simplest to the most unusual choose from the many designs created by leading jewelers.

Each style alliance

You have a multitude of choices all more interesting than others. If you prefer fashion jewelry, opt for ethnic alliances provided a contrast of color between yellow gold and white gold. Choose also formed alliances with three rings encrusted with diamonds partially or totally. Fall for a set of two rings with discontinuous forms or heart shaped, engraved with inscriptions on it like “Kiss me”, “I love you” or others. If you prefer discretion opt for an alliance silver, simple, but bright and thick, accessorized three white stones on top.

How to choose the color that suits you?

Alliances trend characterized by the association of several pieces of different colors and different shapes. The color of the ring itself depends on your preferences and those of your spouse. However, it is essential to know the meaning of the color of the stones that make up your alliances stone, as white zirconium, usually encrusted engagement rings symbolizes virginity and the promise of marriage. The blue is a trademark of the green symbolizes fidelity and modesty. Black and yellow stones are not recommended for alliances because the first symbolizes the rejection of marriage and the second symbolizes adultery. If you like travel lovers prefer a gray stone, a lucky charm for your long journeys.

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