New Years Hairstyles 2017 Perfect Ideas for The Last Night Of The Year

It’s time to think about how to comb your hair for the New Year 2017. Here are some ideas and tutorials to create a beautiful New Years Hairstyles for the night New Years Eve 2017.

New Years Hairstyles

This is it! The dress for New Year should be ready, manicures and pedicures in order and makeup ideas for the last night of the year choices among the many proposals. Now missing only one thing left: the hair!

How many of you will go to the hairdresser?

Well, you’re lucky if you even in your trusted beauty salon we spend a lot of time. To overcome this problem you can opt for something different and create a hairstyle at home.

What do you say?

Let’s try together? Anyway, what you are proposing ideas for hairstyles more or less easy to do both at New Year and on other occasions of the year, events and revelers party exclusive. The hairstyles that will show you can implement them yourself; you can make them with the help of a friend or you can also propose to your hair stylist.

New Years Hairstyles 2017 Tousled Look

Tousled Hairstyles Look

Let a moment from your friend “plate” and opt for a tousled look. No, it does not mean that you have to leave the house as when you awaken in the morning. The tousled look is not cured but it really needs a lot of attention. From the runways this year, it turned out that the tousled look is a winner and really like it.

How do you?

If you have straight hairs rather not have to do much. You just need a little ‘hair spray to “fix the mess” on your head. If your hair is wavy instead you can make a braid “good”, a low ponytail or a bun. In these cases, you will not have to pull the hair, anything. The objective is to provide braid, tail and chignon in a cheesy way. Also, in this case, a bit ‘of lacquer will serve to secure the tousled look.

New Years Hairstyles Tail OF Horse

Let’s move on to something simple, fast and practical hairstyle that everyday women with medium length hair realized. I’m talking of the ponytail. To be low, high or mizzen ponytail hairstyle is simple but very elegant.

Emma Stone (left) shows off a simple ponytail made of wavy hair, Instead, the beautiful Olivia Wilde (right) shows off on her long hair a ponytail shooting several times.

It is also the rage at high ponytail and inflates between the stars. In practice, it plays on the height; you collect the hair and create bulkiness highlighted especially by bands and headbands.

The perfect hairstyle for those with medium length hair (and long) may be the bow just like the one that occasionally shows off Lady Gaga. Also, I realized when I saw it I thought it was very difficult to do, but instead… explain quickly and visually SimplyNabiki…

New Years Hairstyles 2017: Bow Hairstyles

Bow Hairstyles

See? It’s easier than you thought and what I thought until I saw this video! And that has to do who has short hair? As the low length of your hair does not allow you to play too much with the hairstyles I can advise you to stake everything on hair accessories like headbands, barrettes, headbands glitterati or rich sequins. If your hair is short, smooth try using some curler to create a little ‘volume or, as before, create a tousled look.

French Fishtail Braid

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