Celine Dion: The Next Hair Star Muses Of L’Oreal Paris?


After being the center of attention number one of the latest Paris Fashion Week, Celine Dion has again created the buzz.

Celine Dion Next Hair Star Muses Of L'Oreal Paris

Last night, she was seen in front of a famous palace in the middle of a commercial for L’Oreal. Of course, we ask ourselves a ton of questions.

We even contacted the brand to find out more!

If Celine Dion takes full head right now on the networks, we at the editorial, we are all fans of the first hour.

So when Céline decided to radically change her style and try the poker game of Fashion Week, we validated it completely. And as expected, the public and the press had eyes only for her.

And then, it was believed that Celine was going to fly to other horizons. That nenni, the singer is still in the capital where we could see it in full shopping session at Wolford and Repetto.

Close to the hotel de Crillon where she put her bags. But if Céline lingers in Paris, it’s actually for a totally different reason: to become L’Oréal’s next star muse.

An Ad, Yes, But For What Exactly?

It was last night that the event took place, when Céline left to join the teams of the brand at the Plaza Athénée.

It did not take two seconds for her to be spotted and all the paparazzi gather in front of the establishment to cover this surprise nugget.

At first, we had trouble understanding what it was. All we could see was Céline in a well-dressed ensemble, composed of a sequined jacket and oversized belted jeans, banging the pose in the middle of a visually-installed turning space. Opportunity.

Then Celine slipped inside and came out a few times later with a sweatshirt that leaves no room for doubt, since it mentions the famous slogan of L’Oreal Paris “Because I’m worth it “(Because I’m worth it).


Where we thought we needed to know more. But reading the articles of our colleagues, nothing, nada.

So, we tried to contact the brand. and we send Email in the morning and hoping got little info. but our call was unfortunately unanswered, probably to preserve the effect of surprise.

The thing is, we’re talking about Celine the children, Celine!

You will understand, if in other cases we would have willingly waited, there is simply impossible.

So we conducted our investigation and we think we have discovered for what type of products the star will certainly become an ambassador.

As sifting through all the photos of Celine taken by the paparazzi outside while she worked, a few gestures have put us on the road … hair!

First there is this first shot of Celine pushing glamorous hair backwards.

Then this other photo from the front where we see her swinging her hair backwards in a graceful movement.

Celine Swinging Her Hair Backwards In A Graceful Movement

It may be wrong, but it is the best beginning of explanation that we have found for the moment.

Especially since all the launches of the year, announced to us a few days ago on the L’Oreal Paris brand, already have one or more muses. As soon as you know more, we’ll see you on the subject. Promised!

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