Nikki Reed square hairstyle at first glance, one might think that the actress Nikki Reed said goodbye to her long hair. Look at it more closely: the square chin is an optical illusion!

Nikki has just opted for a fake square. You are seduced by the ephemeral makeover?

In some gestures, take ownership of this false square Nikki Reed and follow the hair trend for her fans. Learn how to perform this hairstyle step by step.

Nikki Reed Square Hairstyle for A Fake Square

Nikki Reed owes their fame to her character Rosalie Hale embodied in the Twilight saga, adapted from the novel by Stephenie Meyer. In addition, the actress, singer, and author of American sports often unusual hairstyles charmingly. For evidence, a false square spotted on the red carpet is particularly attractive: a glamorous hairstyle perfect for evening or shine twister looks rather plain.

The square tempts you but you do not want to have to cut your hair too much? Or just want to test a new hairstyle for a party? The false square Nikki Reed is right for you.

Nikki Reed Ponytail Hairstyle

Create a False Square and Adopt the Hairstyle Trend

Nikki Reed square hairstyle curls and volume combine to give a playfulness to false square asymmetric Nikki Reed. Ideally, create irregular waves using rollers, curling iron, or straightened. You will also need barrettes, bun pins, powder, and voluminous hairspray.

Instructions for creating the false square Nikki Reed

Start by curling your hair before going to the formatting wrong square. Consider applying the lacquer on the waves: it will make it easier to style your hair.

  1. Make a line on the low side.
  2. Spread a generous amount of volumizing powder in your hair to give them more structure and easy styling.
  3. On the left, isolate a lock-up to the ear and attach it temporarily to the side. In the final step, the wick will fall naturally around the face.
  4. Right, isolate a strand of the same thickness. Let it fall down, and then wrap it around its axis close to the skull to form a banana.
  5. Attach these banana bars.
  6. Gather the rest of your hair (including the tips of the banana) in the neck, like a low ponytail.
  7. Fold the ponytail inwards and upwards and then secure the ends with hairpins. The look should be relaxed, if slightly disheveled.
  8. If a few strands escape, roll them on their axis to form small spirals and secure them with barrettes.
  9. Loosen the lock previously isolated from the left side, fold it inward and secure it with barrettes.
  10. Finish, apply lacquer to extend an extra strong hold of the hairstyle, and be bang-on-trend hairstyle!
Nikki Reed Hairstyle With Hat
Nikki Reed New Hairstyle

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