No More Black Fleck Natural Clear Skin


Not just praise but the former Miss Universe Malaysia 2004 Andrea also acknowledged the effectiveness of the selection of the latest beauty products from L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Day & Night Spot corrector that has successfully restore youthful skin little by little face.No More Black Fleck Natural Clear Skin

If ever she does not believe in any facial care products for more than admire the greatness of makeup but the appearance of the day and night care cream is real has changed perspectives.

Let alone hang out with friends and the companionship of her husband that seems far from the actual age old it was like giving guidelines for the leader of Miss Universe Malaysia so to remain beautiful and young without any wrinkles.

Yes, this is my latest cure. Perhaps there who think I’m a bit late to preserve youthful skin but what I definitely need to start from now. I do not have to fear for their own face in the mirror looked bright.

After a week I can feel the changes. Successful real product preserving my skin reduce fine lines and lighten my skin naturally and fast.

Most importantly, because of my busy daily schedule to the outdoors are exposed to real sunlight can help preserve the skin from the appearance of black tompk and skin damage, she said of the day and night care products concerned.

Was launched in an exclusive full council at the Ritz Carlton, here recently White Perfect Day & Night Spot corrector present in a unique tube easy to use by anyone and anywhere.

Apart Andrea and Sasha, brief launching ceremony was also graced by the presence of a Product Group Manager of L’Oreal Paris, Chin Hor Wai, Training Manager, L’Oreal Paris, the Kimberly Foo and do not miss the finalists of Miss Universe Malaysia 2010, Junk said.

Effectiveness of Melanin Vanish formula contained in it will have an impact 50 times more effective than used in whitening products similar before.

In fact this was also the emergence of new technologies that can protect against the effects of ultraviolet (UV) while avoiding the appearance of black spots.

Actress and TV host caliber Sasha Bashir said not only during the day the latest product L’Oreal Paris is also very effective as a real best night cream for correcting facial skin is exposed to various blemish on the day.

She said the product was served to him as the sunlight. Even as a conscious individual natural beauty cream on the icing for him even without any makeup.

Want to be known as enlightenment care creams White Perfect Day & Night Spot corrector will hit the market starting this December at a price well worth it RM39.90.

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