O.P.I. 50 Shades of Grey nail polish launches a box of inspired by the saga 50 Shades of Grey on the big screen soon. Focus on six shades of lacquer that decline personality Christian Grey

The saga O.P.I. 50 Shades of Grey nail polish is not even out on the big screen as derivatives already abound in all areas. After lingerie and jewelry 50 Shades of Grey, it is now the cosmetic brands to launch their book inspired mommy collections EL James.

O.P.I. 50 Shades of Grey nail polish collection

O.P.I. 50 Shades of Grey nail polish

But the beauty addicts can rest assured it will not matter to apply blush with her whip derivatives saga cosmetics. On the occasion of the theatrical release of O.P.I. 50 Shades of Grey nail polish in February, is the brand OPI nail polish imagine that a collection inspired by the famous Christian Grey. “The collection of nail polish captures the mood, feelings and emotions of this film with shades of complementary gray, glittering silver and pearl gray to creamy and cold through a smoky gray,” said Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, co-founder and ambassador of OPI about this new collection.

A few months before the release on the big screen O.P.I. 50 Shades of Grey nail polish, OPI assumes the character of Christian Grey in six nail polish limited edition. In this case only available in cinemas in February, OPI 50 Shades of Grey reveals five shades of gray and red paint to spice up the collection. With this unprecedented capsule collection, pleasure lies not only in pretty colors designed by OPI, but also the names of nail polish. We discover My Silk Tie (my silk tie), a pearly gray nail polish with contrasting hues. Dark Side of the Mood (the dark side of the personality), a very opaque dark gray to match perfectly the dark soul of Christian Grey.

O.P.I. 50 Shades of Grey nail polish

Nail polish and Embrace the Grey Cement the Deal decline in a gray two lighter shades, but still cold and cloudy. Reveals varnish Shine for Me a glittering gray multifaceted. The final color of the box O.P.I. 50 Shades of Grey nail polish is inspired by the famous red room of pain with nail polish Romantically Involved. While waiting to discover theatrical adaptation of the book O.P.I. 50 Shades of Grey nail polish with hot boy Jamie Dornan in the role of Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson, you can fantasize about six OPI nail polish If no price has yet been announced, we already know that the O.P.I. 50 Shades of Grey nail polish will be available during February. Do not bite your lips. Your nails either.

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