Objective Waist Goal Health Having a Little Belly!


Waist goal health having a little belly you can find it unsightly. But beyond the physical aspect waist circumference is an indicator of our health.

Waist goal health

Whether you are a woman or a man. Discover why to lose inches is important.

1. The Waist And Heath

A large waist is a symptom of metabolic syndrome

This somewhat obscure term does not refer to a specific disease but a set of risk factors related to our lifestyle. A kind of disease of the twenty-first century!

Specifically, it refers to the combination of different symptoms low levels of “good” cholesterol, obesity (especially in the abdomen, the seat of the particularly harmful visceral fat), high blood pressure, blood sugar disorders (diabetes, prediabetes) rate high triglycerides.Waist Goal Health-

Overweight in the first place but also the sedentary lifestyle stress which affects hormones regulating food intake and promotes the consumption of sugary foods and smoking or a genetic predisposition.

2. Supervisor In Her Belly On Protecting Your Heath

Problems: the body’s metabolism is disturbed, which ultimately puts it at risk, increasing the risk of stroke, heart attack, heart disease, liver problems, ovarian cysts … “Given underweight population growth, metabolic syndrome will affect more and more people, said Dr. Pierre Nys, endocrinologist nutritionist.

Hence the importance evens the necessity of preventive measures especially if you are part of a family at risk.

Waist Goal Health-0

Except, it is possible to prevent diseases associated and stop long term this growing epidemic. “Protect your metabolism; it’s just to protect her life, her figure, her brain abilities, well-being … For this, it is often sufficient to adopt a healthy lifestyle. No time to lose, you do it immediately!

3. How To Measure Her Waist?

Beyond 88 cm in women and 102 cm in men, it is abdominal obesity “Android” category. It is dangerous for heart health, unlike obesity “gynoid” type, which is located in the lower body. The action is required. To measure use a measuring tape and place it between the navel and below your ribcage.

Waist Goal Health-01

4. What Should Respond?

We speak of metabolic syndrome when a person combines three of the five criteria listed in the table below.

1. Waist Circumference

> 102 cm (men)

> 88 cm (women)

2. Fasting Plasma Glucose (sugar in the blood)

> Or = 1.1 g / liter

3. Triglycerides

> Or = 1.5 g / liter

4. HDL

5. Blood Pressure

> Or = 130/85 mm Hg

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