6 Special Occasion Mistakes For The Perfect Guest Outfit


Weddings, dinner invitations, and birthday parties: When it comes to the perfect outfit for a special occasion, self-taught fashion fans quickly become uncertain: How do I dress properly? What’s too much, what’s too little? Is not something going on? With the help of Fayna Santana Penate, designer at “Truth & Fable”, the new Occasion wear label from Amazon, we’ve gone into the most common uncertainties and errors

Mistake 1: You Have To Stick To Outfit Rules For Special Occasions

“‘Mat your handbag to the shoes’,’ ‘Always wear tights’,’ The knees should definitely be covered ‘and so on. We all know these fashion rules – which, however, come from times long past.

Truth & Fable dresses can be found

Means: Do not allow yourself to be restricted in the choice of your guest outfit by antiquated etiquette regulations. Show something of your personality. It’s all about making you feel good and beautiful. ”

Mistake 2: Occasion Wear Is Boring And Stuffy

“The opposite is true now, with young labels such as ‘Truth & Fable’ proving they can dress fashionably on festive occasions, especially Oriental motifs; lace Midi dresses, bold colors and polka dots Trend.”

Mistake 3: You Should Never Appear Overdressed To An Event

“Rather the opposite is the case: after all, a special occasion is the best excuse for getting your hands on and feeling special. Take the opportunity!”

Mistake 4: What I wear it, does not matter – the jacket I prefer anyway immediately

“A great coat is the first thing you’ll ever see of an outfit, and it’s just a complete festive look, for the maximum glamor factor of floor-length evening gowns, for example, a fake fur coat or, if warmer, a coat on a long, flowing trench or an elegant wool coat. ”

Mistake 5: As A “Jeans And T-Shirt Girl,” I Always Dress Up For Festive Occasions

“By no means do you have to squeeze into a tight bodycon dress and high heels just because they’re invited to an event, but women who prefer casual and comfortable can get a festive two-piece suit, jumpsuit or a long cape Choose a dress that you would like to combine with pointed kitten heels, slingback pumps or flats in bold colors or embellished with some lipstick – ready! ”

Mistake 6: You Should Never Wear The Same Outfit Twice

“Nonsense! No one needs 10 evening dresses in the cupboard when he’s not on the red carpet every week. Play with accessories: an elegant bag, statement jewelry and great shoes can instantly create a different look. And: Be sure to make the notorious ‘Little Black Dress‘! A little black is the non plus ultra in terms of occasional wear.

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