Oksana Mukha Cocktail Dresses Collection and Magic Finishes


Oksana Mukha cocktail dresses Expect a woman of her wedding dress? It meets their desires, she knows showcase its morphology, it is suitable to her personality and finishes make it unique All these requirements, Oksana Mukha the Russian famous designer to have the appropriate that is why the success of her wedding dresses is to go around the world.

The story begins with the designer’s own marriage. The dress designed and made by her was literally a sensation So much so that her wedding dress was then hired more than thirty times. This is probably the trigger that pushed Oksana Mukha creates her own workshop in 1993.

2017 Oksana Mukha Cocktail Dresses Collection

Oksana Mukha Cocktail Dresses

The designer draws models and then the stylists, designers, and seamstresses who work in continuing the tradition of craftsmanship. Requirement and impeccable quality give these dresses a unique character. Quality finishes, as well as the careful sewing, are the primary characteristics of Oksana Mukha wedding dresses. Worked and finished by hand by seamstresses specialize in a wedding dress is what makes the difference.

In terms of wedding dresses, there are ranges Marriage and Prestige. Many models are 15 and -80 in Marriage creations “Upscale” Prestige-in every bride will find the dress of her dreams. The real Oksana Mukha cocktail dresses, more dresses is that they adapt to the wishes and desires of brides.

Oksana Mukha Customize Cocktail Dresses Collection and Magic Finishes-03

The chosen model is recreated with accurate measurements and customized according to the needs of each other. Every woman is unique the wedding dress must also be that is the thought of the designer. This is a model unique every bride will wear on the wedding day.

Located in the 16th arrondissement Oksana Mukha shop in Paris accompanied by brides in their fittings and hand in their choices all the accessories a bride might need shoes, lingerie, tiaras, etc are also available and for those who dream of wearing another dress for the evening or for civil marriage, Oksana Mukha cocktail dresses know also has a collection. Your mothers and friends will also love…


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