Oksana Mukha Touch Of Romance To The Fashion You Like


Oksana Mukha, If marriage is the union of two people the big day it is your wedding dress that everyone looks forward to discover! Your choice of dress is important it will define the type of wedding you want to be and will remain one of the all powerful symbols of your wedding.

Whatever your style if you are a bride looking for demanding impeccable quality direct you to the sign without hesitation Oksana Mukha.

Oksana Mukha

Behind this great brand internationally recognized and award winning designer is a talented Russian. At the origin of the brand Oksana Mukha a nice story. For her own wedding the young designer Oksana Mukha a student of Fine Arts in Kiev designs and creates her dress. Success is amazing everyone demand it will be rented more than thirty times. The motivation was found then all to create the first workshop in 1993.

Eighteen years later the workshop brings together over two hundred people the team led by creative consists of stylists designers and seamstresses in the tradition of quality craftsmanship. The result is that the dresses in the collection are stunning!

Oksana Mukha offers a wide variety of models that can be adapted to every body type and every personality. Because it is the dress that fits you and not vice versa. After choosing the dress of your dreams from the ranges “Marriage” or “Prestige” it will be recreated customized to your measurements and your every desire. Oksana Mukha your dress is a unique model yours.

Prices are more than reasonable for such good quality dresses from 1400 € for the range “Marriage” and 3500 € for the range “Prestige”.

For your wedding try creating Oksana Mukha, you’ll love it!

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