Ombre Hair Make Yourself – Instructions For Blond, Brunette & The Approach


Whether long hair, short hair, medium bob hairstyle, the Ombre hair can be found at every hairstyle and hair length and remain a great trend.

Therefore, it may also be superfluous to mention that this is a smooth transition from a darker hair color to a lighter color or vice versa. There are also many variations with colorful hair colors.

Since the dyeing of the hair at the hairdresser costs a lot of money and also relatively frequently after-dyed, more and more ladies would like to try it even at home. And if you already have some experience with coloring your own coloring, you have nothing to prevent. Just use our helpful instructions,

How Can I Make Ombre Hair By Myself?

Ombre Hair Make Your Own Ear Dye Two Hair Easy

If you want to dye the Ombre Hair by yourself, you have two choices when choosing the colors. Either you use your own hair color as the basic color and buy one or two more, each of which is approximately one or two color nuances brighter or darker (with the Reverse Ombre) or you also over-color your natural hair color.

Then the second color should, of course, be selected according to the selected basic color. Otherwise, you will still need the typical brushes, gloves, a towel for covering the shoulders, a hair-clip and, in this case, alufoil.

Ombre Hair Makes You Decent Copper Blond Pointed Idea DIY

It is also important to find the right time. As a rule, the hair should not be washed fresh. Instead, at least two days after the last hair wash is best. In the case of bleaching, it is not uncommon for hair tips to get an unsightly green color. You can avoid such a result by using a so-called silver shampoo.

Ombre For Brown Or Dark Brown Hair.

How exactly you make the Ombre Hair itself depends on the initial color. For this reason, we have also put together different instructions for you to follow.

Ombre Hair Make Yourself Balayage-Black-Brown-Shimmer

In order to create a perfect and even transition, it is advisable not only to use a brightening brightener but also to use a transition between the dark and the bright spikes. Accordingly, due to the two hair colors, a little more time should also be planned for the dyeing process when you make this Ombre Hair by yourself. Otherwise, however, is dyed as usual and the same with the usual and already mentioned utensils.

1. If you want to make the Ombre Hair for Blond, first separate hair parts. On the one hand, the top hairs are placed above the ears. You can use the tip side of the coloring pencil to separate the parts. The lower parts of the hair, which you have not raised, divide into two parts by forming a middle crest. These two parts simply lay over your shoulder. If your hair is too short for it, you can also use hair clips or braces.

2. The Ombre Hair is the first to use the brighter of the two nuances with which you dye the tips. When you dye these lower hairs, begin at the chin level and continue to work downwards. If your hair is shorter, you can start further down. The finished dyed tips are wrapped in aluminum foil, which protects the hairs from unwanted dyes and also ensures that the dyed strands do not interfere.

Ombre Hair Yourself Make Long Hair Blonde Brunette

3. Now you go on with the deck hair. Start again at the same height as you have chosen for the lower hair parts. Also, wrap the top coat in aluminum foil and leave the ink as long as indicated on the package.

4. Before proceeding with the color for the transition was the first color. If you want to make a perfect Ombre Hair by yourself, you should use the second shade. Mix them for this.

5. The hair is put back up as well as for the first hair color. The second nuance comes to the area above the previous color. An even transition occurs by putting it into a little in the first color. Begin with the lower hair parts and then continue with the top hair. Also use again aluminum foil and leave the hair color as indicated.

6. Rinse the hair color, wash your hair, and use the conditioner to maintain your hair. Hair treatments are mandatory once a week in order to avoid the breaking of the blond hairpins.

Make Ombre By Yourself – Instructions For Ombre For Blond

Ombre Hair Yourself Make Reverse Blond Approach Brown Tip Idea

If Blond represents the basic color for the Ombre, you can combine these with a darker hair color. This variant is called Reverse Ombre, so to speak the reverse ombre. If you dare, you can also use a pastel pink, green or blue instead of the dark nuance and thus make a special ombre hair by yourself. This is also very trendy and is quite common as a hairstyle for ladies. The way of dying differs somewhat from that for brown hair with ombre, since here only a new color nuance is used.

Ombre Hair Yourself Make Reverse Platinum Blond Pink Pink Purple

1. To dye your hair in the ombre look. divide the hair as described above. Then you can get started and do the Ombre Hair yourself as follows:

2. Mix the chosen hair color according to instructions on the package and start applying these to the tips. Start again depending on the hair length at the ears.

3. Do not create a second shade this time. Instead, you need a comb. The color you have applied to the tips will pull up with it. The hair is covered irregularly and this is also the goal. The blend of natural and dyed hair creates the perfect transition.

4. Wrap the hair back into aluminum foil, repeat steps 2 and 3 with the top hair and let the hair color work. Finally, rinse the paint, wash the hair on your request, and use a care rinse.

Make Ombre Look By Yourself.

Even if you make the Ombre Hair yourself and have overpainted your natural hair color for it, the approach is at some point. The exposure time starts from the moment you start applying the hair color. Mix these as described in the package. From a middle crest and start at the hairline of the right side. Use the vial to apply color to the neck and brush it down with a brush. Work your way up to your ears.
Ombre Hair Yourself Making Manual Easy Beach Style
Then massage them again with your fingers. Repeat with the left side and the back. If the color is well distributed, pull it down with your fingers (up to about the chin level) to make the transition. Then let it react again, wash out and maintain. A great guide is also available in the video above.

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