Ombre Looks At The Dresses – 18 Summer Outfits And Styling Tips


The Ombre dresses look is no longer just hairstyles. The trend has its way from the hair styling to the make-up to the angel design. Ombre effects also find their place in the fabrics of the current fashion collections. Gentle color sequences are totally announced and an absolute must-have for the coming summer.

In the following, we present outfits in fresh colors and 18 styling tips for a stunning look.

Ombre Looks At The Clothes

We start the article with a princes’ gown Jennifer Lopez selected for the American Music Awards 2015. The fantastic dress is decorated with sparkling crystals and sequins, which reflect the light and create a fairy-tale appearance. The fabric under the glitter is characterized by a pink color gradient – from magenta (the so-called fuchsia color) over pink to white. Loosely dutt and glittering high heels complete the glamorous look.

Jennifer Lopez In Princess Gown For The American Music Awards

Hot Summer Trend In Ombre Boho Style

The Ombre look with clothing and fashion is basically typical of the Boho style. Gentle color traces and washed-out motifs make you feel relaxed and exude a special summer feeling. If you have not yet dressed a Maxi skirt or a long summer dress, the time has long been. Set in cheerful summer colors, such as turquoise, green, yellow or orange, and choose a model with a nice ombre effect at the bottom.

Ombre Look In Boho Style Maxi Skirt

Ombre Dress With High Heeled

Ombre dresses are very diverse, as the garment itself. If you want a fresh but elegant, summery look, choose a simple model with a color gradient between white and another color, for example, blue. If the dress has a classic line and is not too short, it is perfect even for business meetings, but also for other special informal occasions.

Blue Ombre Dress With Nude High Heeled Sandals

Ombre Airy Dress with Spaghetti Straps

An airy dress with spaghetti straps is something else for leisure. It is simply ideal for the hot summers and the perfect companion for both everyday lives and for a trip or stroll.

The fresh colors and the casual cut combine very easily with flat or with heel shoes. Espadrilles are currently very up-to-date, are also comfortable and extremely easy to maintain.

Ombre Blue Airy Dress with Spaghetti Straps Sandals

Office Outfits In Ombre Look

The outfit on the picture is a true inspiration for Ideal for office outfits in the summer are pastel tones and neutral, bright colors. They look fresh, but not so bright and do not fall so hard.

Through a smooth transition between different tones, you create a stylish ombre look, which is suitable for every occasion. For an elegant appearance, you avoid the strong contrasts. There are very good shoes in nude color. With such a pair, you complement each outfit.

Ombre Pastel Tones Office Outfits

Denim Ombre Look

Ombre look at the jeans is a hot trend, especially in ankle length. Again, as in the case of dresses and skirts, it is possible to proceed from the bottom to the top or vice versa. It would be best for the figure if the dark area lies around the waist.

Optionally the garment is largely bright and the contrast is placed in the lower area, so below the knees. The effect can be achieved by different techniques. One variant is the immersion bath or dip-dye. Alternatively, we achieve a similar result when different pieces of fabric are sewn together in the corresponding color nuances. See the example above.

Dip-Dye Ombre Denim Jeans

Ombre Jeans Make You – Instructions

In the dip-dye technique, the respective textiles are dipped into one or more color baths. Depending on how long the fabric hangs in the water, the color transition becomes more intense or in contrast – lighter.

However, this method produces the best results, only when the textiles are white. On the other hand, dark substances can be faded. Depending on the concentration of the bleaching agent, the color profile is obtained. Coming soon a simple guide.

Ombre Jeans

Dip-Dye Technique

In the trade, there are colorants especially suitable for textiles, which can be used to dye their clothes directly in the washing machine. However, these can be used to make a garment by hand in the selected color. Only half of the amount is used and dissolved in hot water. Depending on the desired color depth, you can use more or less colorant. Typically 60°C water temperature is sufficient to achieve the desired result. It is recommended to leave the textile in the ink bath for 30 to 45 minutes.

Dip-Dye Technique

If you want to color the garment in two equal halves or several layers of different thicknesses, you can mark individual areas, which you later create in the respective color strength. Safety needles or simply with needles can be used here as marking points and for fixing. It is best to use a skirt and hang the garment over a bucket.

Dip-Dye Technique About 10 Minutes

This will help you move more easily with the fabric to achieve relatively uniform ink layers, and the excess color water drips into the bucket. If there are more than two colors with a nice shape, immerse the fabric gradually in the color bath for the same time, for example for about 10 minutes.

Ombre Look Clothing Summer Trend Jeans Self Dyeing Instructions
Ombre Look Clothing Summer Trend Jeans Self Dyeing Instructions

Ombre Jeans Shorts Look

Jeans shorts are definitely something for the summer and combined with the Ombre effect they quickly become a favorite piece. It is even more sensible for your first attempt to perform the dipping technique with a smaller garment than trousers.

Ombre Look Clothes Summer Trend Jeans Shorts

Ombre Jean Jacket

A jeans jacket or jeans skirt with ombre effect are also very special. Brands such as Acne and Levis rely on the fashionable look in their collections. In addition, Denim Destroyed clothing details such as cracks and fringed seams always appear again and complement the casual, casual appearance.

Ombre Look Clothes Summer Trend Jean Jacket Acne Designer

Ombre Look At The Accessories – Earrings By Oscar De La Renta

If Ombre Look is not something for you in the clothing, then put on effective accessories. Here we have a couple of inspirations for you.

Ombre Earrings Oscar De La Renta

Ombre Shoes From High Heels To Sneakers
Ombre Shoes From High Heels To Sneakers
Ombre Look At The Clothes, Simple And Unobtrusive
Ombre Look At The Clothes, Simple And Unobtrusive
Ombre look at the designer bags - Dior, Chanel
Ombre look at the designer bags – Dior, Chanel

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