All The Ornaments And Jewelry In The Greek Style


The Greeks appreciated the art of love of beauty. “The body was considered the best ornament of a man …” and the drapery on clothes emphasized his best form and mask imperfections. Nobility and dignity of Greeks emphasized developed and trained the body, beautiful posture.

The jewelry they preferred harmonic perfection. In the XVIII century in France, it awakened interest in ancient art, and this contributed to numerous archaeological sites, museums filled the world with unique masterpieces of ancient Greece. The ideal of beauty in ancient times were simple and perfect forms.

Jewelry and jewelry in the Greek style


8. Greek jewelers have left us the legacy of fine examples of art in jewelry.

Often jewelry in Ancient Greece accompanied by ornamentation. The ornaments masters preferred strict symmetry and geometric lines, right angles, a combination of all kinds of wavy lines. Jewelers used the image of aloe leaves, vines, ivy, laurel, acanthus, oak, honeysuckle flowers, olive trees. Widely used meander – square and round. In the arrangement of ornamental compositions adhered to a certain order and symmetry.


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