All The Ornaments And Jewelry In The Greek Style

The Greeks appreciated the art of love of beauty. “The body was considered the best ornament of a man …” and the drapery on clothes emphasized his best form and mask imperfections. Nobility and dignity of Greeks emphasized developed and trained the body, beautiful posture.

The jewelry they preferred harmonic perfection. In the XVIII century in France, it awakened interest in ancient art, and this contributed to numerous archaeological sites, museums filled the world with unique masterpieces of ancient Greece. The ideal of beauty in ancient times were simple and perfect forms.

Jewelry and jewelry in the Greek style

Greek jewelers have left us the legacy of fine examples of art in jewelry.

Often jewelry in Ancient Greece accompanied by ornamentation. The ornaments masters preferred strict symmetry and geometric lines, right angles, a combination of all kinds of wavy lines. Jewelers used the image of aloe leaves, vines, ivy, laurel, acanthus, oak, honeysuckle flowers, olive trees. Widely used meander – square and round. In the arrangement of ornamental compositions adhered to a certain order and symmetry.

Greek jewelers have left us the legacy of fine examples of art in jewelry

Luxury Jewelry in Greek style

Passion for jewelry has always been a characteristic of people because it is one of those who delights vanity. However, in ancient times it was considered bad manners in daily life to abuse the luxury. Then there were even laws that required complying with the measure. And because the Greek jewelry has an amazing restraint. But the opportunity is more to adorn them, of course, it was.

Luxury Jewelry in Greek style For Womens

These were special celebrations of the publication, various celebrations, weddings, theater. And, despite this, in the Greek style has always been present elegance and naturalness. Silhouettes of ancient Greek women were like columns of architectural structures of that time or antique statues, and therefore a set of jewelry that accompanies this attire was quite limited.

Hair Ornaments in the Greek style

Especially the Greeks cared about decorating the head. The most natural and natural in the early period were decorations, wreaths of flowers and leaves. They were made of roses, violets, myrtle and ivy. Women of ancient Greece were woven into their hairdressing.

The most famous were the Greek Sfendoni, which was decorated with gold, pearls, and precious stones. It was the middle of a wide and high, she stood at the head of hair like a tiara and held the back of her hair. Especially Sfendoni was comfortable with a short haircut. Like Sfendoni were NA lob Nik and Nach el Nik. Greek women decorated their hair and crowns, as well as strings of pearls.

Hair Wreaths Of Flowers And Leaves In The Greek style

Particular preference is enjoyed Greek Stephan, classically embodiment – of gold threads. A skillfully woven grid of spun gold or gold cord attached to the hairpins of ivory. Luxury Stefana stressed the high status of their owner. In addition to the interweaving of the braids, the women loved to collect hair in a knot, which is called to this day – a Greek unit. Both long and short hair curled and worn with a wrap or tape. Often used tiaras and combs.

Hair Wreaths Of Flowers And Leaves Ornaments In The Greek style

Their hairstyles girls decorated with a gold hoop, often decorated with meander or another ornamental decor with a clear rhythm. In special occasions hair decorated coronet, which could be made of gold leaves and beads. Jewelers offered as hair ornaments hairpin and mesh rims and ridges, with pearls and mother of pearl.

Bracelets in the Greek style

Greek women were very fond of bracelets, they are trying to emphasize the elegance of the hands, putting them not only on the wrist but also on the forearm. Bracelets were made in the form of the whole broad hoop of precious metal or several thin rings that are worn in great numbers. Wide bracelets can be decorated with ornamental patterns such as meander lines or twisted vegetative character.

Wide Bracelets Decorated With Ornamental Patterns In The Greek Style

Neck Ornaments in the Greek style

Neck jewelry – necklaces, chains, necklaces, lockets. The jewelry used for a neck carved vine leaves, wavy lines. Metal disks and plates are part of the necklace, inlaid garnets, amethyst, covered with enamel. Very often virtuosic carving created unique products with a perforation in the form of wavy lines.

Cervical decoration sometimes collected from the individual elements PRI Paiva ya them to each other, or connecting mechanically. The jewelry was very common technique diffuse soldering method by which a point obtained a granulation. Necklaces and wreaths suspension were varied as fruits, flowers, dolphins, and other animals.

Special favor showed the fashion of the time to cast. They were round, oval, and be sure to larger, because their function was not just decoration for the ladies, but also fastening the fabric folds. If a Greek-style dress will seem too simple, beautiful brooch largest rescue ever. In gold cameos inserted.

Greek women adorn themselves willingly belts embroidered with ornaments or decorated with buckles. The perfect complement in our time can be a belt and a bracelet with a meander made by weaving tatting.

Necklaces Of Gold Belts Embroidered With Ornaments Or Decorated With Buckles

Earrings in Greek style

Greek earrings sometimes resembled gods or image is a disc with fine patterns, and inlay, with which hanging slender suspension. When driving such beautiful earrings tinkled. images have been delicately applied to drive a variety of items, suspension follows the shape of amphorae or animal.

Earrings to create an image in the Greek style, it is necessary to choose large, teardrop-shaped and fit, including pearls. Stylish and unusual will look dress in the Greek style over one shoulder, as if decorating is a big earring in one ear with a suspension.

Earrings in Greek style

Rings in Greek style

Greeks also loved the ring. They started to wear since the beginning of the VI century BC Initially, these were signet-ring, but later rings were made of ordinary metal, without a first stone, but then they began to decorate with precious metals and stones. Fashionable enough thought wearing the ring on the fourth finger of her left hand.

People with high incomes and do not have the decency were just a lot of rings. Gradually the number of rings to add or all lovers of jewelry. For rings and medallions produced gems, in which on the stone image has been hollowed or convex.

Greek masters of jewelry are often used filigree, their work is characterized by finesse and elegance. The thinner was the work, the more expensive jewelry were. The jewelry used blotches glass colored glazes and fine pearls. This technique allows creating delicate patterns of great beauty. From filigree, strands were necklaces, woven hairnets.

Greek craftsmen were applied to the engraving stones. The best stones for engraving were onyx and cream agate. Some pieces of ancient Greek jewelry, decorated with filigree and granulation point, made in microtechnology. Details of the fine and delicate work can be seen only through a magnifying glass.

Rings in Greek style

In addition to plant and geometric patterns, the Greeks loved to carve ornaments of butterflies, birds, insects, and was a fantastic fauna, came from the myths and legends. The metal used gold and silver, but there were decorations and easier.

All the ornaments and jewelry in the Greek style

Gold in Ancient Greece was highly appreciated as well as in other countries and civilizations. Often gold items sent to the afterlife with their owner, as by magic actions attributed to gold’s ability to ward off evil spirits. But not all adorned themselves among the ancient Greeks. For example, the Spartans were distinguished ascetic and austere way of life. Basically, jewelry to them were simple metal bracelets and brooches.

Jewelry color in the Greek style should be calm and restrained because of the dresses in this style mostly pastel palette. Therefore, the Greek way of suitable pearl and clear bright stones. Especially looks nice rhinestone.

All the ornaments and jewelry in the Greek style

Greek ornaments can be seen in many museums around the world. A rich collection of necklaces and brooches owns the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

In each new season, designers are paying attention to the dresses in the Greek style, only adding freshness in images. When choosing jewelry or jewelry in the Greek style, remember that the main thing in it – the ease, elegance, and simplicity.


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