Oscars Event! 5 Secrets Stories You Never Knew


Oscars Event & award winner review, The Oscars is Sunday March 3 in Los Angeles. A ceremony expected as the Holy Grail by stars that are, for some their careers take off through obtaining a statuette.

Among the lucky nominees, some media darlings to name the new face Dior Jennifer Lawrence vying with Happiness Therapy, charismatic Bradley Cooper already rewarded ELLE STYLE AWARDS to Happiness Therapy for yet but Anne Hathaway Best Supporting Actor for The miserable. An evening of pomp and glitter that also has its secrets and anecdotes well kept. We unearthed 5 the best. Enjoy!

Oscars Event

World Largest Oscars Event For Celebrity Fans

The “Suite for gifts” At the head of this business a French Nathalie Dubois. The principle? Open a sequel to a handful of guests in which competing luxury brands Chopard Valentino designer brands but also the image of George Hobeika powered on before the scene in 2007 with one of her dresses Diane Kruger offered. A beautiful gift bag can easily reach 200 thousand dollars at the Oscars. Subscribers of the present dixit “Following gifts”: Sharon Stone Eva Longoria, Charlize Theron or Scarlett Johansson. Failing to receive a prize, it is a nice gesture of goodwill …

5835 the number of members of the Academy Awards. They are the ones who decide the nominees. A second round chooses the winners. Votes are counted on the day of the ceremony and the results stored in 22 sealed envelopes. A second set is kept under lock and key.

The first Academy Awards is organized by the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The $ 5 ticket buys. The ceremony lasts 10 minutes and there are 250 people in the congregation.

3000: The number of limousines reserved each year for the Oscars Event evening.

A film Midnight Cowboy the only pornographic film awards to date for an Oscars Event in the category “Best Feature Film“. The next may be called “Fifty Shades of Grey” … ?

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