Overview Of Christmas Traditions In Europe And The Us


If Christmas is celebrated today in practically the whole world, each country has its own way to celebrate. Thus a way to perpetuate the customs and traditions of a population to remain united in this festive period. Express trip to Europe and the United States to explore the Christmas traditions.

Christmas traditions in England

In England, Christmas is called ” Christmas “, which means the Mass of Christmas Eve and it is with enthusiasm that this feast is followed in this country. The English have a Christmas tradition since the nineteenth century which is sent to all the people they know, friends, family, a greeting card, and from the beginning of December.

Everyone hangs his cards above the chimney and leaves until the Epiphany. The houses are decorated in red and green, and in each of them stands a ” Christmas tree “.

Parents and children hang stockings on the fireplace that will collect the gifts. On December 24, the children go out in the streets at night singing Christmas carols, the famous ” Christmas carols “.

They generally receive sweets, small gifts or some parts. For the feast, wait for 25 with opening gifts, the Christmas Mass and the meal. Turkey with chestnuts and Christmas pudding oblige.


Christmas by the Italians

Christmas holidays in Italy usually last three days, from 24th to 26th December. The tree is decorated on December 8 and the crib settles 9 days before the birth of Jesus. Christian country par excellence, it is in Italy that the crib was created around the fifteenth century.

Italian Christmas traditions vary by region. Indeed, the north is Santa, ” Babo Natale ” or the little Jesus, “Gesu Bambino” who brings gifts on December 25th.

Moreover, gifts are offered on December 13 on the occasion of St. Lucia. In the south, the children wait until January 6 the famous witch, the ” Befana “, leaving gifts to nice and coal to more villains.

Gluttony hand, traditional cakes acclaimed at this time of year are the Panettone, with orange peel and raisins, and the Pandoro, a “toast” dusted with icing sugar. Buon Natale!


Christmas Traditions in Germany

Christmas celebrations in Germany start the first Sunday of Advent with the opening of Christmas markets throughout the country. In each family, it builds an Advent wreath with spruce branches and there has notably four candles that will be lit the four Sundays before Christmas.

Here was born the tradition of the Christmas tree. It is decorated mostly 24 December by children.

Regarding gifts, these are distributed in several times. December 6 by Saint Nicolas, 25 by Christ-Kind (baby Jesus).

Next culinary traditions of Christmas, the traditional dish is the grilled goose accompanied by red cabbage and apples.


Christmas USA version

One of the Christmas traditions popular in the United States is the decoration of houses both inside and outside which starts right after Thanksgiving. The disproportion is required!

The Americans are also fond during this period of Christmas movies they watch family. They also have a habit of placing elves, Santa’s spies in the house and the change places so that they monitor children’s behaviour until December 25.

December 24 evening, is also found in the United States the Christmas carols sing the famous ” Jingle bells “. Kitchen, the country is multicultural, everybody brought some traditions for the meal even if the turkey, acclaimed at Thanksgiving, gives way to beef on the table.

Wherever you go, you will always find the Egg Nog, eggnog, the house prepares for its guests in welcome. It consists of milk, egg yolk, milk and rum. Merry Christmas!


Christmas traditions in French

Last countries but not least! Christmas in France is a family holiday where food is often in the spotlight. Foie gras, oysters, wine, capon, log … enough already hang anything kilos in listing the dishes!

About Christmas traditions classic, towns and villages put on their most beautiful settings for more than a month. Stores are also decorated and even create animated magic windows.

Each family sets up its Christmas tree and children love the advent calendar that allows them to wait until Christmas. Gifts are deposited either on 24 the evening for those celebrating New Year’s Eve, or the night of 25 for those favouring lunch. Merry Christmas!

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