Painted Picky Eyes Makeup with Curly Hair Type Of a Star-Style Cinema 60s

Painted picky eyes associated with curly hair type of a star-style cinema 60s is not too difficult to make.

Painted Picky Eyes Makeup

1. Angel Eyes

Have you ever imagine yourself using white for the eyes?

Gently but striking, eye makeup trends white border to table the second eyelid Moschino’s spring-summer 2018 has sparked a new wave. Classical ring polished eyes but fetters eyelid with eyeliner modern architectural forms.

It looks complicated but this is one of the makeup “epic” that you absolutely can do. Soft white pencil eyeliner is one of the most important elements of this trend.

Select a soft pencil and humidity so as not to damage the delicate eye area. White can choose completely white or a little light emulsion & If the need should only use makeup for dinner.

2. Timeless Hair

Hair of the 60s classic encounter between Amy Winehouse and Lana Del Ray or beauty icon Brigitte Bardot.

What we need for this hair:

Curly Hair Type Of a Star-Style
  • – Bending slightly curly tail hair by bending section as large
  • – Apply a layer of mouse creates add volume to the hair, use a blow dryer helps the hair to dry naturally.
  • – Hair Type bulging the back of it user accessibility and hold there.

3. Perfect Substrate

Not need to use much makeup blush in style but a beautiful skin is indispensable.

To the skin surface smooth and “eat” before applying to make sure to exfoliate with masks from natural ingredients Vera, rice or cucumber and use a moisturizer before applying to makeup.

Note the sensitivity of the skin of the eyelid, in this case, if the eyelid is usually a lot of oil, you should be covered with a light layer of powder to absorb moisture and balance government using soft pencil eyeliner and no emulsions.

If the eyelid skin dry assembly can use eye creams to increase moisture and soften the skin and then edge with lead has created sharpness.

4. The Absolute Minimal

With impressive eyes and hair minimize color on the dress as well as the other makeup on the face.

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