30 Pairs of Shoes to Celebrate the New Year Under Any Outfit


Even if you choose the most concise outfit with pairs of shoes for New Year’s Eve, stylish shoes for the main holiday of the year you certainly come in handy!

We selected 30 pairs of shoes to celebrate the New Year,

which is suitable for any outfit!



Probably, the easiest and most obvious option Christmas shoe – a shoe. There are so many options; it is no exaggeration choice may be delayed. We advise you to choose the perfect pair, depending on the dress itself: sufficient and marked dress perfectly complements suede black pumps with minimal decoration or not. But a more concise manner suitable shoes with glitter, sequins or chains, which will be a highlight of your outfit!

Sandals should choose the same principle, that of shoes – depending on the complexity of the dress. We note only, that now in the trend models a la the 70s and 80s – in the thick heel platform and more.


If you have to move, or you just decided to recreate an image in the style of Kate Moss and other British fashionistas, Look to the ankle. Especially effective will look shiny pointy boots Cossacks and models with open nose heels.

Without Heel

Planning unrestrained dancing till the morning?

Then choose a New Year’s shoes without a heel: the first snow sparkling like a ballerina or pointy metallic leather Loafer of the company will make good mini-dress.

The Sports-Style

Ubiquitous sneakers slipped and evening activities, including on New Year’s parties. For the image with elements of sports, style try on shoes, slip one or sneakers style glitter or shiny elements.

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