Parents Room Romantic Cottage For Parents


Parents RoomThe parents room is one of the few rooms in the house to be synonymous with intimacy. This is the place where you can breathe and relax. what better than a decoration that makes you dream!

Parents Room Was a Decent Size for everyone

Opt for a Black & White Deco Urban

For urban room choose black and white and play on the bright side lacquered furniture. The etched glass and metal are also emerging on the doors of wardrobes and perfect handles. Pour the urban side plays the stickers in shades of gray and black patterns of buildings and cities. The bed linen is intended graph square, round … to strengthen the current spirit.

Urban room

Add a few small objects design and the bright color red for example which is highly likely to illuminate your home. However, be sure to stay sober style because it does not forgive! The key trend large letters lying on the floor or on a desk to write your favorite word … in black and white of course!

Adopt The Zen

Forget the stress of the day and plan yourself a universe that exudes serenity. Futon beds or exotic wood rattan or natural fiber woven curtains or partitions Japanese patterned mirror effects … the style needs to be cleaned for a guaranteed effect. Opt for soft and natural colors such as beige, taupe, gray mouse, enhanced by a touch of brighter color like lime green.

Futon beds or exotic wood rattan or natural fiber

Beyond japonisant furniture, you are interested in the various art forms of this culture to enhance your Deco by example get prints and other traditional calligraphy. The key trend pebbles or semi-precious stones arranged in a cup and round candles for ambiance.


Simplicity and elegance are the hallmarks of the classic supporters. Today, although the style is timeless Louis Philippe it combines contemporary materials to be while remaining classic. Colors are used in halftone as weathered by time furniture rounds, headboards, windows are dressed with floral natural materials. The key trend the dresser with a toilet bowl for a more contemporary look.

Furniture rounds, headboards, windows are dressed

Indulge Yourself With a Gentle and Refined Romantic Decoration

It was all a little soft side so if you feel like it play the card of Romanticism four poster bed or canopy bed wooden or wrought iron. Curtains and fabrics in soft materials and soft colors are all the charm of a room is an invitation to seduction.

Candles garland light that runs along the wall or soft lighting for ambiance. Psyche trunk end of the bed for storage and convertibles provide a deliciously feminine touch. Side colors we love soft colors: purple, lilac, ivory… But be careful not to fall into the kitsch! The key trend wooden curtain tiebacks heart shaped lights, feathers for a touch of originality.

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