Stella McCartney Paris Fashion Week Fall-Winter


Paris Fashion Week Fall-Winter collection, Stella McCartney imagine cozy and cozy rooms in mixed female and male dressing for a highly desirable result …

Paris Fashion Week Stella McCartney Fall-Winter Collection

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Fashion week in Paris is in full swing. We discovered the sensual silhouettes and bohemian collection Chloé Fall-Winter. Chloe house is linked to Stella McCartney has been artistic director of the house. Today the English designer runs her own fashion house and still delights us with its feminine and bold pieces. Fashion week in Paris Autumn-Winter collection by Stella McCartney is definitely soft and warm. Winter will be cozy and relaxed without losing track of chic.

The wife Stella McCartney bundle up in cozy rooms large and asymmetrical shapes. For this future collection, the designer often uses wool for plays. In winter, we respond we comfortable rooms with a wool robe used as a cloak. The designer wears masculine pieces and gives them a feminine side suspicion, as shapeless sweater we usually borrow it from our guy who turns into the long dress. A wide khaki suit experiencing a plunging neckline. The collection is slightly undressed. The “one shoulder” is back on a dress or an asymmetric top, revealing a shoulder.

floral motif dresses Paris Fashion Week Stella McCartney

At Givenchy, the influences are diverse for its Autumn-Winter collection. For Stella McCartney, winter collection is driven by a desire for comfort and femininity. The floral motif is briefly used on high-waisted pants. Stella McCartney has fun especially with neutral colors (white, black or gray mouse) materials and cuts. Creative revisits the costume designing the wool or giving it a plunging neckline. For Autumn-Winter, the rooms are spacious and pants have wide lapels. So far, we were not particularly surprised by the work of Stella McCartney, yet.

The British used the suspicion, fake fur. The designer is known to be against any form of fur, true or false. It seems she has changed since opinion creates several faux fur pieces for her new collection, making the models look to yet. Stella McCartney, the figures are nevertheless feminine. A smocking worn with a snake necklace. The models wear handbags and colorful boots, burgundy or green. In Shelookbook we are conquered by the collection Stella McCartney. And you?

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