Party Makeup Ideas With Different Colors & Decorative Elements


Party is the perfect way to experiment with colorful paints for the makeup and to really catch attention. Why wait until the end of the carnival. if there are also sufficient occasions for extravagant styling?

If you are looking for exciting and fresh makeup tips and party ideas. you can look at our examples. We have put together some suggestions for the perfect party makeup. from decent to particularly striking make-up for the party.

Find inspiration for various makeup looks. and make a very special impression at the next celebration.


7. Decent Party Makeup With Glitter Eyes.

We would like to start with some subtle ideas that are well suited for those who are not yet ready for strong and colorful colors but still looking for something striking. And you can highlight your eyes with glitter. What is meant for this purpose is, in particular, coarse glitter, which can be used in a targeted manner and is best suited to the inner or outer eye angle or both?

The great thing about this glitter for a subtle party make-up is that it is offered in a variety of forms. A little reminiscent of confetti, only that he additionally shines beautifully and is suitable for a glamour makeup super. Rough glitter is available in stars and lunar form, in the form of hearts or bokeh and many others, so that the desired effect can be easily achieved. You can also combine several shapes. Also, choose a variety of colors.

Discreet Makeup Tips Coarse Glitter Glue Skin

The glitter is the last thing you need to dazzle on to the party makeup. So before you apply a cream, the make-up and possibly rouge, mascara, and eyeshadow. You can then fix the glitter for the party makeup with eyelash glue, which you apply in advance. Finally, some hairspray can also be sprayed over it. Take care, however, that nothing comes into your eyes. And you already have a light party makeup with sparkling accents.

Pink Blue Glitter Star Aqua


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