Pastel Shades Eye Makeup Trends By Makeup Artists Max Mara

The pastel shades eye makeup image from the podium: Max Mara, Spring-Summer 2018

Focus on the eye – one of the main beauty-trends this spring. And why not take a chance and not a substitute for diligent pastel shades eye makeup and classic black arrows on the color shade of juicy oranges, as suggested by makeup artists show Max Mara? Detailed installation instructions are included creation.

Step By Step Pastel Shades Eye Makeup Beauty

Step 1: Perfect Skin Tone

The trend extends naturally run the show, so before, we begin to draw “orange “arrow, you need to take care of an even skin tone. To begin, select foundation, as close to your skin tone shade – the effect of sunburn, as well as the bleached face, will all make inappropriate.

Since the focus of the make-up will be placed on the eye, paying particular attention to camouflage dark circles under the eyes. To do this, use concealer, tucked under a shade basic tone means.

Step 2: Orange Focus On Eyes

Now the fun part in the first place to create an “orange “arrow we need a primer under the shade. Believe me, it’s not beauty-indulgence: your pastel shades eye makeup primer not only live, how much you need, but it will not slide. Next, choose the rich shade of shadow and draw our “feline” arrows pointed tip applicator shadows.

Orange Eye Makeup Focus On Eyes, Mascara Black Or Brown Color

If you are confident in their abilities and can draw broad arrows without the loop – go, but remember, that because of the bright color, any error will be noticeable.
By the way, try to create a similar eye makeup can and creamy texture. Firstly, the “wet” effect remains one of the main trends of the season, and secondly, using cream shadows create intricate “cat” arrows will be easier.

In the end, we put lengthening mascara black or brown color – or fluffy doll eyelashes make way too theatrical.

Step 3: Podsednik Strokes

Orange eyes and orange hue on the cheeks will look Blush in pink and brown colors

Such a bright accent to the need to balance the eyes lip gloss saturated hue. Be careful when choosing a bodily means for lips: selecting pale shade can spoil the whole image. From the creation of this blush, makeup can and do refuse. Blush in pink and brown colors will not work “orange” eyes and orange hue on the cheeks will look ridiculous.

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