Perforation Fashion Summer Trend


Leather, suede, and cotton tight now safely are worn in the summer heat. The new trend from the catwalks – things with perforations or more simply” in the hole” – allows the skin to breathe and only one garment with decorative ventilation designers are not limited to the sights of special fashion-lasers hit handbags, jewelry, shoes.

Black Era

The first in the course went black things that are of a demi-season: jackets, skirts, and dresses were holed designers carefully so that the skin breathes and at the same time it was fairly well protected from the sun. The chance to get a tan, “polka dot” to a minimum, do not worry. An important point: the choice of a variety of kinds of tops, dresses, vests, and jackets with perforation, you should choose one color things: they holed surface itself will look interesting. So black dress with perforation – Ready outfit for the evening & Learning from the example shows Akris, Gucci, and Chanel.

Colors and Patterns

The most advantageous option for the summer – things bright colors with perforated patterns, It does not have to be a classic polka dots in the course designers have gone all geometric shapes, whether stars, diamonds or squares. Some, for example, Valentino and all decided to knock on fabrics Compound application and all this no embroidery or print and Realized laser hole.

The most suitable option for life dresses and tunics with perforation on the laptops or on which the grid is knocked out only in the shoulders or sleeves. It will not look as defiant as things entirely covered with small holes but at the same time adds a hint of the image transparent.

Air and White

With or without perforations but the clothes and shoes of white color for the heat is most suitable. And if a closer look your snow-white outfit is even an interesting dressing – the prices it will not. A simple A-line dress or a shirt without sleeves in an unobtrusive hole may well form the basis of your summer wardrobe. Combine them with shoes and accessories in bright colors. Just do not overdo it with perforation: the shoes and the bag and dress in the hole – it’s already too “ostromodnye.”

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