How annoying it is to constantly remove the body hair, not only the ladies know among us. Many men also resort to different means to get rid of the unwanted hair. And in the winter, you are lucky enough to be lazy and hiding your hair with the help of long clothes. This is not the case in summer.

There are epilators or waxing, but that takes a lot of time or costs money in the cosmetic studio money. No wonder that many people are interested in a permanent hair removal and also decide. However, many still do not really trust the whole thing and are looking for more information. We would like to offer you today. Learn how the laser works, what costs to expect and how many sessions are required,

Permanent hair removal – What are the possibilities?

There are two possibilities for successful and permanent hair removal. The most well-known method is laser treatment for hair removal. Light is used for hair removal. The IPL treatment is also known. A more recent variant is the SHR. We would like to introduce you to the following three possibilities. What the difference between them is, how many sessions are needed and what permanent hair removal the three is best, you will learn now.Permanent Hair Removal SHR Pain Free Cost Tips

Laser Hair Removal

Permanent laser hair removal is the best known. Light is used, but this is converted into heat. This penetrates into the hair roots, which makes them dying. When the laser is used, it is possible to achieve an accurate and more accurate accuracy. When using light to remove the hair, the so-called melanin is used. This is a pigment, which occurs in the dark hair and helps to transfer the heat from the laser to the roots. Lasers are used exclusively by doctors and are only approved for them.

Face Hairiness Ugly Disturbing Permanent Remove

The good news is that the process is relatively painless. It is to be expected only a slight pulling, which is of course very advantageous when used in areas sensitive to pain, such as the intimate area or the skin on the face. So if you want to enjoy a hair removal permanently, but is very sensitive to pain, can be lucky here.

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IPL Treatment

In the case of the IPL laser, the treatments for permanent hair removal may be performed not only by physicians but also by other persons. The abbreviation means “Intense Pulse Light”. Light pulses are therefore emitted, which as well as with the laser heat the roots with the help of heat and prevent a regrowth of the hairs. Here too, the melanin contributes to the removal of the hair. In contrast to the laser treatment, a larger light spectrum is used here. Thus, a larger area is treated at a time. However, this should again be avoided in areas with many moles.

Permanent Hair Removal

The hairs are only successfully removed during their growth phase. However, since it is impossible to grow all the hair at the same time, it is necessary that several sessions be performed. Therefore, up to eight applications have to be expected, but this can vary individually and depends on skin and hair type. After the first treatment, it takes up to 20 days for the first hair to start falling out. There should also be several (at least four) weeks between applications.

IPL Face Laser Treatment

The IPL is currently the most popular and most widely used method for permanent hair removal. The cost is 50 to 200 euros per session, which is quite costly. Prices for laser treatment are similar. However, it is a one-time investment, because once the roots are destroyed by the heat, they can not be renewed again.

Disadvantages and Risks of Laser and IPL Hair Removal

Any treatment with light and heat has the same disadvantage. The pigments are needed in both methods for permanent hair removal. These are barely or even not present in light hairs such as blond, gray or red, so that neither IPL nor laser can contribute to the permanent removal of hair. Also in people with dark skin the treatment is difficult to carry out, because it can quickly burns.

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Side effects are present, but usually, disappear with time. These include, of course, rednesses as they occur during epilation or waxing. In the worst case, crusts occur, which, however, is just a temporary problem. If dark-skinned people decide to treat with light, a so-called pigment shift can be expected. What sounds very bad in the first moment, however, is just a temporary incident, should it occur at all.

Laser Body Treat Sess Heat Light

It is important that you consult a dermatologist before the treatments. This must examine you namely diseases of the skin like skin cancer. If this is tested positive or an assessment is determined by the specialist, a treatment with laser or IPL must be discouraged. These methods stimulate cell growth.

SHR as Permanent Hair Removal

The abbreviation stands for “Super Hair Removal”. This technique for permanent hair removal is a combination of the laser method and the so-called pulse light method. The result is that the heating is slow. This not only has the advantage that dark skin types can be treated. Even the bright hairs, which can not be removed in the case of the laser variants, are no longer a problem here. The SHR treatment is therefore more gentle, which means that the skin is better protected, and also painless.

Permanent Hair Removal Laser Body Beauty Women Depilation

The cost varies greatly as with the IPL and depends on the body to be treated and / or the size of the area. Thus, small areas on the face can be treated from as little as 40 euros per session, while the entire legs cost around 250 euros. Practical packages are often offered in which several body areas are combined at a lower price. Also, the prices vary among men and women. Find out what’s best for you.

Perform Permanent Hair Removal At Home

Many are willing to invest in a home appliance to save money on many treatments. If you want to make permanent hair removal yourself, you should know that IPL devices are offered. These are available at the most varied prices, so you should inform yourself in advance, which is the better variant.

Diy Ipl Laser Device Home

In the end, however, it can be assumed that the result will not be as satisfactory since permanent hair removal devices are less effective than the specialist. Also, small burns can occur quickly.

Permanent Hair Removal At Home Appliance Armpits Hair Removal

If you decide to use the appliance, follow the instructions given by the manufacturer and try out the appliance first in a small and invisible position, before proceeding with larger areas of the body. You can and should consult with a doctor beforehand. This can give you more tips and hints and recommend a device.

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