Phrases Greetings Happy New Year 2019


Phrases Greetings Happy New Year 2019 The resolutions for the New Year are just checks that men are in a bank where you do not even have an account. We will demonstrate to Oscar Wilde that he was wrong, right? Best wishes for a good year (adapted from Oscar Wilde)

Hope and wish that the New Year proves better than the previous ancient custom and significant. It tells us how in all of human history there has never been a successful year so as to ask for an encore. My best wishes, however, just could not miss it! Happy New Year (adapted from Pino Caruso)

Things happen that are like questions, spend a minute or years, and then life says. May this New Year be full of answers for you! Happy Birthday! (Adapted by Alessandro Baricco)

May God give you the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to always understand the difference. Happy New Year! (Adapted by K. Vonnegut)

The month of January is when you their best wishes to their friends and the others are those in which wishes are not realized. So you say, at least but I do not believe it. That this year is full of surprises for you and revenge! Greetings! (Adapted from Georg Lichtenberg)

Phrases Greetings Happy New Year 2015 wishes – Thoughts of Famous People

Life is like a play, no matter how long but as it is recited. That this year is one of the most beautiful acts of your script & Happy Birthday! (Adapted from Seneca)

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you’ve always imagined. It is a cliché but the hope that this New Year will bring you the happiness you deserve. Greetings! (Adapted from Henry David Thoreau)

The biggest mistake in life is to always have fear of making mistakes. That the mistakes of next year can help you achieve all your dreams. Happy Birthday! (Adapted from Elbert Hubbard)

People who progress in life are those who are busy to find the circumstances they want and if not found, create them. Best wishes and good luck! (Adapted from George Bernard Shaw)

When you will open up many avenues and you will not know which one to choose, not imbrication a chance, but sit back and wait. Breathe with the depth confident with whom you breathed the day you came into the world, do not get distracted by anything, wait and wait again, remains silent and listen to your heart and when he speaks to you, get up and go where he takes you. Happy New Year! (Adapted from Susanna Tamaro)

An optimist stays awake until midnight on New Year’s Eve to see the New Year bring in, the pessimist to make sure that the old man go. That the coming year is an opportunity for you to look forward, never look back (adapted from Bill Vaughn)

New Year’s Greetings – Phrases to Dedicate to Your Loved Ones

2014 wishes for 365 days, 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes and 31,536,000 seconds, full of life, of peace, of happiness, of love and a bit ‘ of madness!

2019 kisses, hugs 2019, 2019 friends to celebrate, to forget bad memories in 2019 but above 2019 good reasons to start over. Best wishes and good 2019!

On New Year’s Eve we will be far away, but at midnight gush’ll drink a bottle and the stars and you think it will fly in the sky a good year … You are always in my heart. Happy Birthday!

Goodbye dear old man, bring all the sorrows of the world. Welcome sweet little boy, bring a few things but that only sian roses. We are content with little: health and loyalty, would not hurt a little money but most of all happiness.

Dedicated to 2019 that goes to 2019 and that it will come. Greetings!

Some unions after a while’ time break but our does nothing but grow from year to year. The stroke of midnight last those three hundred sixty-five days together is the irrefutable proof of my love for you & Happy New Year, my love. I love you.

Best wishes for The New Year – Phrases to Dedicate To Your Loved Ones

At the stroke of midnight comes a new year of dreams and hopes. With the hope that can be realized one by one and you can always remain what you are, a wonderful person. Happy New Year!

Open this post is for you. These are my New Year’s greetings, take them and keep them with you because they express all my love to you and the desire that every year is more beautiful thanks to our friendship. I love you.

Attention: Having a strong hurricane that will remain in history! Shockbursts of hugs, waves full of affection and endless rain of wishes and kisses. Let strike. Happy 2019!

What a bang at midnight take away all evil, to give way to health and happiness. Happy Birthday!

That the coming year will be a wonderful thought long twelve months is an endless dream in which to gently sinking. Happy Birthday!

Thoughts for the New Year – By Dedicate To Friends and Family

This day is a portal that allows us to leave behind all the defeats, the pains, and sorrows and go with the light in the heart towards serenity, joy, and love. Happy New Year!

As the snow covers the roads down May the New Year you play of light and eternal love. Greetings!

Who builds on sand does not build on love and I will build with you a very solid castle in the twelve months of this 2019 & a strong kiss the love of my life.

And as time goes on! We’re all waiting for, New Year, everyone with a bottle of sparkling wine in your hand to be able to celebrate. The city lit the fireworks … What is a good year for everyone, especially for those who do not have a home for those who have nothing to eat and for those who have someone to love?

There is coming a hurricane that will remain in history! Shockbursts of hugs, waves full of affection and endless rain greeting! Let hitting, good New Year!

Messages of Good Wishes for The New Year – Phrases To Dedicate To Your Loved ones

Out can also rain, blowing wind; the storm descending on the city, thunder, and lightning, but I hope in your heart the sun always shines throughout this New Year!

I settled on the bank of life in 2014 an infinite amount of happiness and love of which potai have this year. If you can take advantage of it, you will live the best year of your life!

I read your horoscope for the New Year and it seems that 2014 starts for you with a dramatic event: a never-ending barrage of my best wishes!

I have paid into your c/c 2019 Bank Happiness 365 days of good fortune, love, hope. Have fun all. Happy New Year!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. May the year of beautiful along with many satisfactions, Happy 2019!

Best Wishes for the New Year – Messages to Send to Your Loved Ones

Time is infinite and our love is on its way, we are meant to last for eternity. Happy birthday my better half.

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