Pimples During Ovulation! Causes and Remedies Which Are Effective


What are the causes of pimples that pop up on your face during the ovulatory phase of the cycle? Let’s find out and see what treatments are indicated…

Pesky pimples that pop up on your face right in the middle of the cycle, during ovulation, they are not a rare phenomenon, especially among the very young and especially in those who already have a blemished and oily skin tend to. What are the causes of this imperfection? Of course it is a hormonal problem and could not be otherwise!

In fact, especially when we are witnessing a “bloom” of inflamed pimples in the chin area and neck the causes may be related to an increase in testosterone (male hormone produced in small quantities also by the woman) in the blood.
Pimples During Ovulation! Causes and Remedies Which Are Effective
This hormone has a stimulating effect on the sebaceous glands which produce too much sebum eventually fill with pus under the skin which becomes infected and causes the appearance of the pimple. Even a problem like polycystic ovaries can give the appearance of acne as a symptom in the ovulatory phase.

What are the remedies?

It depends on the severity of symptoms. Some pimple here and there you can “plug” with natural remedies grandmother including slices of potato, toothpaste or slices of raw garlic.

If, however, the problem is more serious, you may need to apply some antibiotic ointment or cortisone to treat inflammation, especially if there is bacterial growth. Young girls with hormonal problems can alleviate skin problems taking the contraceptive pill by prescription; those based on progestins are the most suitable very importantly to prevent the problem & the hygiene of the skin.

It’ good to use for cleansing the natural soaps but not aggressive with antimicrobial power, such as sulfur and non-fat natural moisturizers to which you could add a few drops of lavender essential oil (which has soothing power and disinfectant).

Finally, every now and then made a good scrub using sugar sweet and extra olive oil.

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