Pimples On The Body: These Are the Causes


Not only the face is affected by pimples, but also other parts of the body. We tell you what these pimples are all about.

Pimples on the Bottom

Our skin on the bottom has a lot of sebaceous glands.

In the worst case, this leads to inflammation – a pus pimple – which extends deep into the skin. Poor hygiene and poor nutrition can also lead to these clogged pores. But why is it that we get pimples on the bottom?

Pimples on the Body

On the one hand, as with many pimples, nutrition is to blame. The healthier we eat, the more the pimples sprout. You eat healthily and the annoying beasts still bother you?

Then it could be due to jeans or trousers that are too tight because these too lead to pimples on the buttocks, also called “Buttne” (composition from English “Butt” and “Acne”). They then penetrate the skin again.

The result: the clogged pores mentioned.

In future, make sure that your skin gets more air and that the hygiene is right. A body peeling can also help keep the pores clean and prevent pimples on the buttocks.

Pimples on the Legs

The main reason for pimples on the legs is often – you will not believe it – our skinny jeans, leggings, and even our tights. Because they are close-fitting and largely consist of substances that are impermeable to air, our skin has no way of breathing. The heat builds up and so sweat and dirt from inflammations in the pores.

The wrong way of hair removal can also play a big role. For example, you should always make sure not to use blunt blades when shaving and thus avoid skin irritation.

Pimples on the Arms

Have you always wondered what the little pimples on the back of your upper arms mean? The whole thing is called grater skin and mostly affects those who have a tendency to dry skin. The medical term is Keratosis Pilaris. The cause of these unsightly and really annoying little pimples are cornification disorders of the skin.

These clog the hair roots and so the small red pimples appear, which feel as if you had strong goose bumps. Unfortunately, this grater skin is inheritable and can last a lifetime. However, peels and oils can help alleviate the symptoms a little.

Pimples on the Cleavage

In addition to pimples on the back, many girls also struggle with impurities in the cleavage. Pimples are pre-programmed here, especially during puberty. The reason for this is largely the change in hormone balance.

Since the female sex hormone estrogen controls sebum production, it can happen that purulent pimples sprout on the chest during this time. If these develop into severe acne, it is important to see a dermatologist and discuss with them what can best be done about it.

You can do that Against

The most important thing is nutrition. Because as you know, greasy food promotes the sebum production of the skin. So you should basically let it be. In addition, body hygiene is the be- all and end-all. Stay away from cheap shower gels!

If you have to deal with purulent pimples, you should only use antibacterial and pH-neutral washing lotions. These clean and disinfect the sensitive areas.

Even home remedies to help pimples, such as tea tree and coconut oil. These are good for soothing inflammation. If none of this helps, however, you should see a specialist and talk to them about medical treatment.

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